July 31, 2015

Vinith Paramel


Vinith Paramel Audio Enthusiast from Mumbai shares what he thinks about the FiiO X3 2nd Gen High Resolution Music Player.

Design & Build

I previously owned the FiiO X3 1st gen and comparing that 2nd gen is truly premium build with polished metal and good responsive buttons and connectors, only drawback I felt was the scroll wheel which is little bit loose, having said that scroll wheel is a huge improvement to the functionality coming from 1st gen because previously the button layout meant I had to keep pressing buttons to navigate through my big collection of songs which was very cumbersome.

Though I feel FiiO should add a search functionality I know this will put lot of processing power on CPU and RAM, but I really wish FiiO engineers could make it happen!

Sound & Performance
I was very surprised listening to 2nd gen for the first time, and after about nearly 3 - 4 hours of listening, I finally remembered why the sound signature is so different from the 1st gen: because 2nd gen is using Cirrus Logic.

The sound is more bright and the instrument separation is just amazing. though I feel soundstage is only tad wider than 1st gen, bass is more refined but not as punchy as 1st gen, part of the reason could be because of the lack of hardware controlled bass and treble. I was using it quite often in my 1st gen to tweak the bass to the liking of the song. The EQ is there but I am too lazy to tweak the 10 band freq. so instead I'm just using the 2nd gen with the EQ off. Thus, I really do miss the bass and treble settings of the 1st gen. Having said that the 2nd gen is definitely a worthy upgrade seeing the whole package. Even though there isn't dual card slot I love the option of OTG so I can use two memory card at once.

Accessories and Complementary Gear

I use the FiiO X3 2nd gen with the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and the ATH-IM70, both of which are natural sounding and I feel one of the best companion for 2nd gen, as the soundstage is very airy and vocals and instruments separation is just amazing. I love the setup I have right now and as a music enthusiast it is one of the best listening experience.

Final Verdict

Definitely, the FiiO X3 2nd gen is a worthy upgrade, and if anyone wants a dedicated hi-res music player and has the budget of ~15k then the FiiO X3 2nd gen is definitely the best choice hands down.

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