July 31, 2015

Dr. Roshan K. Valsan



Roshan reviewed the FiiO E11K Kilimanjaro (A3) Headphone Amplifier for us. Read about what he had to say!




 Design And Build

Build of the E11K is amazing.Feels like a solid piece of metal.The control dial is a joy to use.

The only comparatively cheap bits are the controls for bass and gain. But they are not flimsy at all, does their work properly. It's very compact and although it adds a bit of weight when stacked, it's perfectly manageable. I recommend getting a stacking kit for the same as it's much better looking and easier to handle as the rubber binders doesn't interfere with the operation.

This complements my Fiio X1 very well.A silver version would've been nice! At this price bracket,I don't think any other product comes close to this device in terms of build quality and feel.

Other Gear Owned

I'm a noob to the audiophile world and has only started to explore the gear.I'm a final year postgraduate in radiodiagnosis, so I don't get much time to listen to music. So it's a learning experience for me and please bear with me.I intend to explore the realms after my course. I have a Fiio X1 player and my head gear include Audio Technica ATM50 (the flashy red edition), Soundmagic E10s and Xioami Pistons.

When I bought the X1 I was impressed by the quality of the audio output from it.I hadn't expected much, I mean at around 7.5k, what more can you ask for?

Curious and wanting more from my gear I started searching online. Being a noob I didn't want to spend a lot of money on my first setup.

So went with the E11K and I'm really happy with my purchase.I would recommend this setup to anyone who wants to experience the world of hi res audio on a tight budget.

I had purchased the stacking kit and carrying case for E11k and I feel they are well worth the money. There's nothing much to write about my gear, except for the Focal speakers I have in my car. But I'm planning to get Dali Zensors for my home theatre and hope to upgrade my gear to Astell and Kerns or Hifiman. I'm also planning to explore open back headphones and I have my eye on Sennheiser HD650s. RHA T10s are also in my list as an upgrade to my Soundmagics. So hopefully in a few years, I can be a full fledged audiophile like you guys!

Sound & Performance

Experiencing E11K was a revelation. I never thought it was this small,this well built and when I connected it to my X1, the audio it pumped out was amazing! Now I'm exploring FLAC files ripping my audio CDs to WAV format, just to experience the amp. Audio Technica M50s do very well under E11k and it drives the headphone without any issues.


I would recommend this product. If you are on a budget, then there's no better option. See that you have a good headphone to do justice to the amp. I am very happy with the quality and sound output from this small piece of metal. I'm pretty sure you will be too.


What are your thoughts on your audio gear?  Let us know and we'd love to feature you on our blog!

You can also buy the FiiO E11K Kilimanjaro (A3) and other FiiO products here.


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