August 04, 2015

Pankaj Khandpur

Rock, pop, jazz fan. Very into wifi audio, lighting, RC helicopters!

Mr. Pankaj shares what he likes about his new RHA T10.

Design & Build

Great design, the most comfortable IEMs I've ever owned. The choice of eartips is the largest and most varied I've ever seen, one pair is guaranteed to fit! Premium packaging, very useful carry case. The ear loops need some getting used to, but once in, the T10s are super comfortable... you forget you're wearing them, and can get on with enjoying the sound.

Great choice of three tuning filters too, makes for a more 'custom' listening experience. Solid build quality, will probably outlast me! The only cons: cable is a tad too long, and I would have wished for a right-angled jack, to make a comfortabler profile in the pocket.

Sound & Performance
Possible the best earphones/headphones I've ever heard! While some other reviews have commented on how bass heavy the T10s can get, I find the balance perfect for my listening! I have been using the treble/high filter, for the last month, and will now try the reference filter. The sub-bass, bass, mids and highs are breath-taking, and I hear things in the music I've never heard before (in a very good way).

The sound stage is intimate, and one gets a sense of being right there, especially in the case of close-miked singers: Mark Knopfler, Sting, Diana Krall. Jazz too, Larry Carlton, Chris Botti, sound great. Outstanding sound, very, very highly recommended. Unqualified. The only con: I got these a few days before the T20s! But no regrets at all.

Accessories & Complementary Gear

Source of portable music is the FiiO X1 and the Sony Walkman F886, All music is FLAC, lowest is 16bit/44. No MP3s at all. IEMs/headphones are RHA T10, Klipsch X10i, B&W P3, Sony MDR-10 RBT, Bose Soundlink OE headphones. Have tried the FiiO E6 amp, but found no real major benefit. I understand it's just an entry-level amp, but the fiddliness was not worth the effort. Home audio gear: Sonos, Quad, Marantz.

Final Verdict
Seemingly a tad expensive, the T10s are however worth every penny! Outstanding sound and build quality, with great comfort, and a wide choice of ear tips and tuning filters. Who could ask for more?

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