October 15, 2015

Every music listener knows that a genuine audio experience is not limited to good quality music but also extends to the ease of use of the headphones. Sennheiser has always tried its best to offer a perfect sound experience for its customers. They have been making continuous improvements in understanding the consumer expectations and thus have always kept innovating to help them experience uninterrupted and extraordinary sound.

With respect to its latest finding, Sennheiser has recently launched a new range of in-ear headphones, the CX series – CX 1.00, CX 2.00 and CX 3.00, for ones on the move.

With their latest launch, Sennheiser has definitely raised the bar in the in-ear headphonescategory. These are built around an all new acoustic design and driver technology meant to provide excellent sound experience for those who don’t like to compromise on their audio while on the move. The design not only has a better ergonomic style, but also helps in active noise blocking. It is lightweight and portable, along with an inline remote and integrated mic to better suit mobile users.

The CX 1.00 range of headphones, available in black and white, offer excellent value and pure simplicity while delivering a deep and punchy bass. CX 1.00 headphone has a new ultra small design which guarantees excellent comfort while the included set of ear adapters in four different sizes ensures effective noise blocking that will really let you feel the beat!

The CX 2.00g provides a vibrant and bass-driven sound, with the convenience of an inline 3-button remote for android devices with integrated mic that lets you answer your calls and control your music with just the push of a button. It is the perfect headset when you are on the move, aviailable for Rs. 3,999 in a bold black color.

The CX 3.00 headphones offer a sound performance with even more detail and enhanced bass. Available in white, black and a classy red for Rs. 2,799 the contrasting matt and high gloss surfaces of the CX 3.00’s sleek design speak of their quality and attention to every detail.

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Do tell us what you think of these new pair on in-ear headphones by Sennheiser?

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