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5 Things that make Ultrasone Headphones Unique

by Bernadette Braganza April 21, 2018 2 min read

5 Things that make Ultrasone Headphones Unique

Ultrasone is a premium audio brand that stands for elegant design, premium materials and perfect sound. They set out, in 1991, with a simple goal—To develop unique headphones that give sophisticated listeners a treat for their ears. Read on to know more about this luxurious brand.

1. Made in Bavaria

Ultrasone has designed and created its headphones in Bavaria. Nestled close to the Alps, each and every headphone is assembled and built by hand with absolute care using the finest patented technologies. For example, to truly make its Edition Series headphones unique, every single one is individually serial numbered.

2. Crafted From Premium Materials


Each and every pair of Ultrasone's luxury headphones is imbued with the passion of its craftsmen and developed from start to finish in Germany. From high-quality leather, precious metals and the finest wood, every part is hand selected and fitted with utmost precision. Ultrasone does not just restrain itself to using the best in its headphones. It extends its hi-class quality and technology even to the SIRIUS, a Bluetooth adapter that lets you make your Performance Series headphones wireless.

3. Decentralised Driver Positioning


Ultrasone headphones use a Decentralized Driver Positioning. This is a fancy term used to describe the drivers' position which is placed about an inch lower and forward of the ear canal. What is the benefit of this you ask? Well, it allows you to enjoy audio that has traversed the folds and ridges of your ears in a more natural manner. This means that you get a smooth cream-like sound imaging all around your head instead of experiencing sound being thrown through the ear canal.

4. ULE Technology


With its special Ultra-Low Emission or ULE technology, Ultrasone promotes safer, along with enjoyable listening. Our music is transferred from our audio player to the headphone via electric signals. When these signals are converted into audio, most drivers produce a low-frequency magnetic field. To reduce this radiation, an MU metal shielding was created. This technology has been refined to lessen this radiation by 98%! Professionals using Ultrasone’s Signature or Pro Series headphones will be able to do so for long hours without feeling any fatigue.

5. The S-Logic Experience


Ultrasone S-Logic Natural Surround

Ultrasone S-Logic Plus - Advancement

Ultrasone S-Logic Ex - Revolution

Thanks to S-Logic, the sound you hear from your Ultrasone headphones is substantially different in a number of ways. You get a far more precise sound. This technology allows the listener to experience every single note in a three-dimensional manner, almost like a room full of speakers.

S-Logic does not need artificial echo, digital sound processing or even crossover run-time delay. You can hear your audio just the way the sound engineer mixed and created it and that itself is saying something!

This feature is just a starter to this amazing feast because the S-Logic allows a reduction of sound pressure levels on your eardrum by up to 40%. This may reduce the risk of hearing damage while ensuring hours of fatigue-free listening.


When compared to other premium headphones, Ultrasone provides an all-inclusive sound. It is the apt headphone for Studio Monitoring, Audiophiles, Casual Listening and other Professional purposes.


Which Ultrasone headphone is your favourite? Do Share it with us in the comments.

Bernadette Braganza
Bernadette Braganza

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