October 21, 2015

Are you someone who prefers to use in-ear earphones, want them to be stylish and at the same time do not like to compromise on your music.

We have the perfect rescue for you, the Sudio range of earphones. They are not only  stylish and look amazing, but also feel great on your ears, are easy to carry and are lightweight with top notch sound. 

About Sudio:

Sudio is a Swedish lifestyle brand which makes elegant earphones and offers studio quality sound for a third of what they would cost in stores. It all started a few years ago when the founders were looking for earphones. The market consisted of black electronic products as well as street and hip hop products which didn't fit their style. They wanted a stylish accessory, like a watch or a belt, a brand like Ralph Lauren within earphones. They decided to create the product they wanted to buy.

During the project, one of the founders was in New York and ran into Phil Collins on the street when he had problems with his earphones. When they still were in the prototype stage and didn't even have a name, was all he could say to Phil "Trust me, I know the feeling." From that bittersweet meeting they chose to name the company after his song "Sussudio".

Headphone Zone_Sudio_Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy:

At Sudio they believe a earphone should be intuit and ready to use at all time. The timeless elegant design Sudio has is suitable for every day of the week, regardless if you are listening to music on your way to a black tie event or enjoying a sunny day in shorts and a polo. The Sudio sound piece will be your elegant companion and have tangle-free flat cables.

Their Products:

Klang: The Sudio Klang has a 3-Button Remote and works best for iPhone (does work on Android as well). It has one cord longer than the other, and the longer one goes behind your neck for the stay-in-ear function and comes with extra silicone ear tips. The stay-in-ear feature also lets the user wear Klang as an accessory. They are priced at Rs.3,999 only.

Headphone Zone_Sudio_Klang

Två:  The Två features one button only to fit all devices and with two long cords. They  have an extremely light weight construction, making the earphones easy and comfortable to wear. The earphones, despite its light weight construction, drives a powerful 14.2 mm dynamic driver which is perfectly tuned for music lovers. They are priced at Rs.2,999 only.

Headphone Zone_Sudio_Tva

Along with both the pair of earphones, you get a stylish pouch, a Leather Carrying Case which makes them  nice for traveling.

Headphone Zone_Sudio_Leather Pouch

You can grab you choice of Sudio earphones here!

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