by Shanika Jhunjhunwala November 05, 2015

V-MODA is known for the range of crowdsourced  over-ear headphones it has to offer world wide. Since the past few years there has been news about their in-ear headphones. The wait is finally over! V-MODA has launched its latest pair of in-ear headphones for those who don't like to deal with the bulky over-ear headphones, the V-MODA Zn. As some of you might have already guessed it, they are made from the metal alloy Zinc.

Headphone Zone_V-MODA Zn

Presented as a limited edition pair of buds, the stylish Zn boast a number of features to create an a high-performance in-ear that matches Italian style with “unmatched durability.” Like all V-MODA headphones, even the Zn are built like tank. V-MODA claims that the reason for choosing zinc is because the metal has been found to have some unique characteristics when it comes to construction, hardness, and resonance, thus resulting in a pair of headphones that is not only durable, but can deliver good sound.

Kevlar-reinforced DiamondBack™ tangle free cable system makes them impossible to get into a tangled mess and up to 20x stronger than the industry average. The Zn have been designed to be a go-to choice for every kind of listening, from your daily commute, to your workout routine, and even your late-night musical revery.

Headphone Zone_V-MODA Zn Mic

The Zn in-ear monitors have 8 mm drivers. They’ve been tuned to emphasize the midrange, keeping vocals clear and loud without distortion. The custom filters and zinc casing have been tailored for the best possible acoustic performance.

The filters are designed to allow tight detail and rich resonance, while the drivers are said to be tuned to enhance clarity of mid range instruments like vocals and acoustic guitar for a more natural sound. The frequency response for the Zn is an impressive 2-25kHz. It will be safe to say, that the Zn are actually designed keeping the audiophiles in mind. The silicone tips of these earphones have been carefully crafted to block outside noise and keep the bass strong. 

Apart from this, the V-MODA Zn comes with a 3 button mic for iOS devices and a 1 button mic for Android and universal devices. They come with eight pairs of V-Moda’s patented Bliss 3.0 ear tips (XS, S, M and L sizes) to allow for a tight fit and improved noise isolation for any ear size. Other accessories include a small black carrying case and ActiveFlex sport ear hooks, letting you strap in for a good run.

The 3-button remote version of the Zn is out now , and the 1-button remote version will be made available soon.


  • Type – Bi-aural in-ear type monitor headphones with remote and mic
  • Speaker Driver – 8mm dynamic-type
  • Frequency Response – 2 – 25,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 105 dB @ 1kHz 1mW
  • Microphone Sensitivity – -42dB @ 1kHz
  • Impedance – 16 O
  • Cables: DiamondBack Kevlar-reinforced, 33″ plug to y-connector, 13″ even-length earphone cables
  • Plug: 45 degree, 24k gold plated, 3.5mm stereo
  • Weight – 20.8g

We at Headphone Zone are eagerly waiting to bring the new V-MODA Zn to you. Are you'll equally excited?

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Shanika Jhunjhunwala
Shanika Jhunjhunwala

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