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by Abheer Monga November 21, 2017

Founded in 2013, Bragi is a German company based in Munich founded by the former Head of Design at Harman, Nikolaj Hviid. They are the pioneers of the Truly Wireless Earphone segment of the Audio market and have made some serious innovations with the Dash and the Dash Pro. Their flagship models are completely packed with features, so much so that the Dash Pro is pretty much an advanced computing device by itself. With their entry level model, The Headphone, Bragi has made a statement in the Truly Wireless Earphone world where they've made a product toe to toe with its competitors in terms of features and functions, but with an emphasis on better sound, which is pretty much what earphones are for.


One of the best features available across Bragi products is the Transparency toggle function. This feature, which is included on The Headphone and the Dash Pro, helps you stay aware of your surroundings in case, which is extremely useful when you’re outside or want to stay alert to anyone calling out your name at home or work. How does it do this? When the feature is turned on, the microphones on the the earpiece pick up the sounds around you and externally pass it through, so you can still hear everything around you while listening to your music.


High Quality Drivers

Bragi uses High Quality Balanced Armature drivers manufactured by Knowles. Who? You ask. Knowles is one of the most respected manufacturers of high end, medical grade audio devices. Their Balanced Armature drivers are considered some of the best in the world and are used by other respected brands like AKG, ClearTune and even Noble Audio.



The older Dash and the Dash Pro, both have on-board storage (4GB on the Dash Pro), that allow you to store music locally on the earpiece itself. This allows the Dash Pro to function as an MP3 player independently whenever needed, with your phone or other Bluetooth players.


Bragi OS

Bragi OS is Bragi’s own Operating System, which can be found on the Dash and the Dash Pro. This adds another level of control to your device and includes a bunch of neat features. One of them is the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, which has a host of functions like reading your news, streaming music, buying groceries, etc. Bragi OS also has a live translation feature, which translates foreign languages live as you are listening to someone speak.


Gesture Controls

The Dash and the Dash Pro, both have touch sensitive surfaces which allow for easy gesture controls, which allows you to increase/decrease volume, answer/decline calls, toggle features like Transparency. Additionally, you can also use head gestures to trigger controls without using your hands in case both your hands are full.


Your Workout Buddy

With IPX7 Water Resistance and the Fitness Tracking features, the Dash Pro can be your ideal workout buddy. You can check your statistics on the Bragi app, like heart rate, cadence, speed, breaths, etc. You can even use your preferred Fitness App(if supported by Bragi OS). So take your Dash Pro for a run, a ride, a trek or even a SWIM!


You can explore the Bragi range of smart true wireless earbuds here.

Abheer Monga
Abheer Monga

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