October 18, 2016

Music is such a sanct, personal, pure thing. It goes far beyond songs and earphones and iPods and phones. Am I right or am I right?

These 7 earphone accessories will not make you want to sell your kidney like these will.

Been a while since you had a heart-to-heart with your earphones? After this, your earphones will love you more than ever.

Comply™ Foam Tips

If you've not heard about Comply yet, your earphones have been sleeping every night without a pillow. Y u do dis?

This USA based brand is known globally to enhance your music listening experience multifold with superior sound isolation, great comfort and in-ear retention. More than 75 earphone brands suggest these Comply foam tips to improve your listening experience.

Comply calls this the “Sound of Science." With the use of memory foam technology, the tips take the shape of your ear canal entirely depending upon your body temperature. This gives a dynamic fit and makes the sound so much better for you.

Comply tips are 30x softer than silicone eartips so it goes without saying that they'll be super comfortable. Your ears will hear every detail amplified since these Comply eartips go deep into your ear canal. They also come with optional built-in filters to protect your earphones from unhygienic ear wax or sweat. These tips also come in multiple core sizes to be compatible with most earphones. Don't forget to check the compatible core size before buying! You can also choose from Small, Medium and Large sizes based on your core size.

In a world saturated with battery powered noise cancellation headphones that cost a bomb, Comply as an inexpensive & excellent way to achieve noise isolation. Starts at Rs. 699!

Triple Flange Eartips

Lacking intimacy in your relationship? Get closer than ever to your earphones with triple flange eartips.

Triple flange eartips look like small mountains stacked on top of each other. These eartips are designed to improve your music listening experience remarkably. How does it work? Very simple, because it fits into your ear canal deeper than conventionally sized silicone tips, they are extremely good for noise isolation.

All you gotta do is replace your existing ear tips with triple flange eartips to experience a new level of comfort. You can stop worrying about them falling down while you are running or doing any kind of exercise.These are easily the best option for isolation after Comply Foam eartips. What are you waiting for? Ditch those old eartips and get the replacement your earphones have been silently wanting.


Want your earphones to stop stumbling out again and again? Earhooks to the rescue. Earhooks is a very simple product - it rests easily behind your ears, giving you the security every earphone demands.

Earhooks are great especially if you are using them with in-ear monitors. They are made for people with active lifestyle, for professionals or  even casual users. These earhooks are adjustable so that if you have extremely big ears or even tiny ears, you can effortlessly use them and mould them over your ear.

Your earphones will have never fit so securely before. A great convertor for regular wired IEMs, these inexpensive ear hooks will easily make your music listening experience more enjoyable.

Handcrafted Earphone Leather Case

All is fair in love and war but are you guilty of dumping your sweet little earphones any and everywhere? How many earphones will have to go through this kind of abuse before you find them a forever home?

Our range of handcrafted leather earphone cases are designed by The Black Canvas's Khyati Dodhia. Unlike everything designer, these won’t cost you a pretty rupee.

From now on, you won’t be crying over broken pair of earphones because you threw them in your drawer, bag or pocket. These leather cases are beautiful to look at and are definitely going to grab some eyeballs. They come with a smooth zipper and a small compartment to keep your eartips safe as well. What's cool is that there are so many colours to chose from.

What, perhaps is the best thing about these leather earphone cases is how they feel. Over time, they'll develop a patina unique only to you and your usage of them. Isn't that what love is?

SmartCase Earphone Case

The SmartCase is the friend you can't help but fall in love with. They're adorable, colourful, and full of life. Available in an incredible 36 Colours, you can roll your earphones in and out of them without any difficulty.

The SmartCase is made from silicone, and this makes it lightweight and portable. The silicone padding does not let them fall off from the case. You can carry them everywhere and anywhere. The SmartCase will safeguard your earphones from water and dirt. It is also very easy to use them! All you have to do is wrap the earphones around the lid and then close the lid gently.

You can also wash them if they get dirty! This makes the SmartCase weatherproof. With names that spark memories from your childhood, go forth and pick your favourite SmartCase!

SmartWrap Cord Manager

What did your earphones ever do to you to deserve such frustration and unapologetic behaviour?

The most distinct way to keep your earphones from tangling is by using the simple SmartWrap. SmartWrap is the cord manager you never thought you'd need.

They are a dapper accessory for your ever tangling pair of earphones. This increases the life of your earphones by keeping them safe and sound. They are simple and modern looking, definitely adding to your style statement. The SmartWrap is available in numerous charming colours. They are not rough on your pocket. Using them is definitely not rocket science. If nothing else, getting the SmartWrap should give you a quiet "thank you" from your favourite pair of earphones.

Rewind Cord Manager

Rewind is another product ready to join the anti-tangle earphones campaign. Rewind is a cable untangler and an innovative looking square piece.

If you are confused as to how to use them, it's very easy. All you have to do is insert your cables through the slits,pull up until the volume rockers are on top, and then wind the cords around itTo wear your earphones, simply unwind the cables and pull up the volume rockers. No need to take off Rewind, as it simply stays on your earphones and makes you look even more awesome.

They are available in different colours, one of which is a cute little Minion. Don't believe us? Explore them now!


We hope this helps reignite the spark between you and your significant other.

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