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8 Reasons Why You Should Host a Silent Disco Party This New Years Eve

by Valisha Lobo November 08, 2016 3 min read

8 Reasons Why You Should Host a Silent Disco Party This New Years Eve

Get geared up for 2017 to party all night and till dawn with a silent headphone party. Make your New Years Eve awesome on your terms rather than just going out to a club, splurging on ridiculously expensive entry passes and wondering where the night went the next morning.

Who knew in a place as populous like India where we love to make a good loud racket, a silent disco party could be the next best thing? Why waste time on doing the usual dated stuff, when you can go out there and explore something that’s so much cooler. Of all the pub hopping you’ve spent your weekends this year, what could be better than to bring in the New Year with a bang. After all, it is a special annual event!

Set the tone for 2017 with a silent disco party by doing something totally different!

1. Silence is the New Black

Yosub Kim, Content Strategy Director dancing party orange is the new black oitnb

It may look weird having to see someone at a silent disco party, dance to a song without music playing out loud but that is what makes silent discos so cool! Isn’t it really just about dancing your heart out when listening to your favourite jam? What more could one ask for on a New Year’s Eve.

2. Adventure of a Lifetime


The best memories with friends are made while doing crazy stuff together. The best thing about having a silent disco party is that you can carry your headphones along anywhere and everywhere without worrying about the cops gatecrashing and ruining your party’s vatarvaran. Now, that’s no way to ring in the New Year!

3. Party All Night
Be ready to party all night this New Year’s Eve without setting a deadline for your music and fun. It’s the one night in the year where the party shouldn’t stop. Have a blast by partying the entire night till dawn. With a silent disco party there's no chance of “Aunty police bula degi”!

4. Take the Party Everywhere

movies dancing party televandalist house party

You no longer have to be afraid of finding the perfect location to host a party. You can take the party anywhere - why not a silent disco house party without being stressed about finding space? Turn your living room into the dance floor by just having a pair of silent headphones this New Years Eve.

5. Don’t Wait on DJ Wale Babu

dj panda

Long gone are the days where you had to harass the DJ to play your favourite song. Spend this New Year’s Eve with a pair of silent disco headphones and be your own DJ.

6. Shut up and Dance

Tacocat x files dana house party hardly art

Partying at a club or pub with everyone screaming and shouting out loud in your ears can not only drive you crazy but can also reduce the chances of you having a kickass time this New Year’s Eve. Put your pair of silent disco headphones on and just dance your feet off the ground. Why waste time yapping when you can silent disco dance!

7. Snapchat it!

Go out or go home this New Year's Eve. Snapchat your story and watch it go viral all over town. New Year’s is a big celebration.


Who won't want to tell the world what they are upto?! Be the envy of your clique this festive season by hosting a silent disco party.

8. Cheap Thrills

SIA – Official GIPHY  dance sia choreography cheap thrills

Don't worry about money this year. If you've gone to college, you know what's it like to have the time of your life with no money in your pocket. All you have to do is invite your friends and carry your silent disco headphones along with your playlist and have a massive blast without having to rent expensive space or go out to clubs by throwing a silent disco party. 

So what are you waiting for! Get ready to host the best party to end 2016!

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Valisha Lobo
Valisha Lobo

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