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Audeze and Planar Magnetic Headphones have become almost synonymous. For the lesser informed, planar magnetic headphones tackle several limitations of the traditional cone shaped speakers and offer incredible detail and accuracy in terms of sound. The only drawback is that the massive magnets make them very VERY big.

So when we heard that Audeze managed to put an entire Planar magnetic driver, on a In-Ear Earphone, it was nothing short of mind-blowing. Audeze just changed the game by putting 30mm  planar magnetic diaphragms into a tiny In-Ear earphone with the new iSine series. Looking at the pictures, they look absolutely stunning - almost like a Starwars Starfighter. 

To bring the sound of the award-winning Audeze LCD Collection to in-ear headphones, they worked closely with their strategic partner DesignworksUSA, a BMW Group Company. Audeze has put in extra efforts to design every part of this extra ordinary iSINE series to bring sound to a global market in a lighter package. They will be ready to ship by October and will be made available in India through Headphone Zone.  

  • Audeze -iSine-1
  • Audeze -iSine-2

The new series barely weighs 20 grams and contains exclusive patented technology including power enhancing 30mm Fluxor Magnets that nearly double the magnetic driving force on the large, ultra-thin diaphragms with  Uniforce voice-coil technology, which would deliver the most accurate in-ear headphone experience ever.

The iSINE10 and iSINE20 headphones are engineered for superb long-term comfort and secure fit with a dynamic music experience. Audeze’s innovative planar magnetic technology delivers astonishingly clear and accurate sound wherever you go. The distortion (THD) is less than 0.1% overall even at high volumes, which is an achievement for in-ear headphone designs. The world’s first 24-bit cipher lightning cable gives a high resolution sound.

The Cipher lightning cable can customize the sound in real-time with the Audeze iOS App. The Audeze DSP app also features two presets to personalize your music playback. The cable also refines the bass levels and tamps down the highs on peaky recordings. The lightning cable contains a high-quality inline amplifier, digital-to-analog converter, and DSP. With the powerful DSP capabilities of the Cipher cable, the iSINE headphones deliver a vivid, out of the world experience. It also features two presets and a 10-band equalizer that changes EQ in real time.

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Shreyas Muralidharan
Shreyas Muralidharan

September 04, 2016

Hey Raghav, nicely written article. Finally it seems I can think of getting an Audeze, maybe in the not-so-distant future, as a step up from my RHA T20 that I recently got. Do provide more impressions when available. And what would be the pricing of these?

Thanks & cheers

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