August 28, 2017

Audio Technica is known for delivering accurate and natural sound in their headphones. After a tremendous success with it's long running and high selling M series reference headphones, they launched the SR series which also focused on lifestyle other than sound.

Now, a week before IFA 2017 in Berlin, it's confirmed from many sources that Audio Technica is making a high grade luxury audiophile headphone. The ATH ADX5000 goes beyond all words.

This new pair of open-back headphones is a delight to every audiophile. It comes in at a time when Sennheiser HD 800s and Focal Utopia rule the luxury audiophile market. 



To be more specific, the Audio Technica ATH ADX5000 uses a 58mm tungsten coated dynamic driver that promises to sound better than ever. This open back design where you can see the huge driver covered with a black honeycomb grill looks high-end and appealing. Made fully from metal, this headphone speaks of durability along with sound. It has a split headband design covered with alcantara covering which then extends onto the soft plush earpads. Comfort guaranteed.

Connecting your headphone to your source is a 6N oxygen free copper cable with a 6.3mm connector. The headphone is mapped at around 400 ohms of impedance, a high power amplifier is a must now.


With a improvement in technology and design, this high-end headphone with new airy design and warm yet natural and smooth sound should be a delight to every headphone lover. Infact, this ADX5000 model will be availavble for Demo and pre-order at the IFA 2017 show at Berlin.

The world-wide sales for this high-end headphone will start in November when it will be priced at $2000 that is around Rs. 130000.

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