January 09, 2017

Audio company Blue Microphones has ensured its tenacious presence in the world of audio for the last 20 years, with its excellent microphones. It thus comes as no surprise that numerous well-known artist swear by this brand. The brand dipped its toes into the headphone market two years back and has now taken a leap with its first pair of Wireless headphones. The Blue Satellite Wireless headphone cans feature a swanky retro design and were unveiled at the CES 2017 happening in Las Vegas.

So what sets the Blue Satellite headphones apart from other Wireless headphones? The noise-cancelling headphones come fitted with two drives, one fitted in each earcup. The dual drivers have been tuned to handle two different crucial responsibilities. One driver ensures hi-fi audio, while the other ensures perfect active noise cancellation. Blue does not follow the conventional, and this is evident through its separating out the functions into discrete drivers. What you can expect is a whole new level of high-quality audio experience. We like. 

Another plus, the Satellite features an analog amplifier that has been inside the earpiece. It bumps up the low ends of your favorite music. Think of it as an old-fashioned vinyl, if you wish. Built in with Bluetooth 4.0 and Apt-X, it works in tandem with the analog amplifier. A much-needed option, the 3-meter long cable ensures that you can be connected to non-Bluetooth devices as well.

Absolutely beautiful to look at, the Satellite flaunts a sophisticated design. They feature a swanky and funky design. The thick cushioned ear cups and a soft padded headband is comfortable, while also adds to the retro design.  The Satellite also folds flat so you enjoy easy portability. Just drop it into your gig bag and you are good to go. An amalgamation of premium wireless technology and a built-in audiophile amp, Satellite is a new benchmark for the modern listening experience.
The Satellite is expected to be available soon, however, Blue Microphones has not confirmed the price at which the headphones will be available. 

Are you excited about the new Blue Satellite? Do let us know in the comments below!

Check out more from CES 2017 here & #AskHeadphoneZoneto know more!

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