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by Rishikesh Kisla September 02, 2017

A lot has been going over the electronics and audio industry at the IFA 2017 at Berlin. There's a plethora of new products being announced and released the the electronics trade show. These are some of the new earphones and headphones that have created news waves this year.

Beyerdynamic Aventho


These wireless on-ear headphones are Beyerdynamic's premium wireless.Their design has been inspired from the Beyerdynamic T51i on-ear. With a fresh perspective and better audio, these headphones give a great package. The attractive and functional design turns Aventho wireless into a visual statement for music lovers - whether in brown or black.

For an outstanding sound performance, Beyerdynamic’s legendary Tesla technology is also used in Aventho wireless. Despite the headphones’ compact dimensions, a unique richness of detail is ensured.

With wireless transmission using Bluetooth 4.2 and AptX HD codec support, the Aventho can play lossless music above par. You can even connect to multiple devices at once. The legendary sound produced by a transducer technology driver, is sure to keep your music going. Audiophile listening enjoyment and performance is delivered by the Aventho wireless which features a powerful internal battery. A playback time of more than 20 hours promises an unlimited listening experience on the go. Within only two hours, the battery is fully charged again.

You can personalize your sound with the MIY app made specially for the Aventho. Based on your own hearing and Mimi technology, you can create your individual sound profile and upload it to the headphones. The Aventho wireless adapts perfectly to their user and  provides an optimized and individual listening experience, independent from your playback device.

You get a Carry case, USB charging cable and detachable audio cable with 3.5mm jack.


 Sony WF 1000x true wireless earbuds


Sony has a habit of pleasing all it's customers, inspite of budget or requirements. At a stage where Apple Airpods, Jabra Elite Sport, Jabees Btwins and other truly wireless, Sony has released its premium truly wireless earbuds, the WF-1000x

With its minimal and classy metal design and indicator LED that lights up, the earphone looks pretty appealing. The earbud connects quite easily and quick as well with NFC and Bluetooth 4.1

The WF-1000x offers great sound with a its 6 mm dynamic driver unit that produces balanced sound with a boost of bass. The earphone adapts to your listening style and gives you an option of cancelling out or listening to ambient noise around you with a digital noise cancellation feature.

These true wireless earbuds yield a 9 hour battery life on a single charge with 9 hours additional using the carry case. All in all, it's a great package by Sony.


Sennheiser Captune App


Sennheiser's proprietary Audio player and customizable EQ app, is now made available for all it's premium range headphones and earphones. CapTune, is a multi-source audio playing app that reads and plays your music from sources like Tidal, online streaming and files in your device. Even Android and Airplay is supported on this app. Creating and managing playlists is easier with drag and drop. 

CapTune supports WAV, FLAC, ALAC, OGG and AAC playback. The equalization setting gives a parametric and graphic equalizer. You can optimize your sound and response with this smart and intuitive EQ. The smart EQ even understands your nature and adapts to your sound. It is available for Apple as well as Android phones.


 SanDisk 400 GB micro-SD



Till today, mobile storage was limited to 64GB or 128GB on the device and could be expanded with upto 128GB or 256GB using a SDXC or micro-SD card. Sandisk has now broken the barrier and introduced a 400GB class 1 UHS micro-SD card. This actually means you can carry much more High-Fidelity Audio files around. Most premium Audio Players like Astell & Kern, FiiO, Sony may be able to support this humongous expandable storage option. 

For example, if your song in FLAC format weighs somewhere around 60 to 90 MB, you can carry about 4500 or more High Quality Audio files. Awesome, isn't it?


This is all that we could find about from IFA. Tell us if you know something hot and interesting. 


Done with your research?

Rishikesh Kisla
Rishikesh Kisla

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