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For The Confused Indian Buyer: Here Are The Best Headphones Under Rs. 2000

In this prices category you will not get headphones that produce great audio. The sound quality will be very ordinary and build quality not very durable. If you are looking for better features with excellent audio quality, you should consider increasing your budget.

What to Expect in this Category?
  • Sound Quality : Expecting balanced audio? This price category will have a more of bassy sound. You can not expect your sound to be detailed and clear. 
  • Form Factor: Earphones will definitely be better in quality than headphones in this range.If you are seeking immense comfort, you may not be in for a treat.
  • Build Quality: Most headphones in this price category, sport a plastic build and will come across as not very durable
  • An in-line  remote and mic may or may not be available at this price point.

This list has been compiled with the help of users as well as our in-house experts.

In no particular order, here we go!

1.  Sony - MDR - XB450AP

Stylish Build, Good Bass  

Sony has been around in the audio market for a long time now and has always brought to us audio gear that is extremely stylish, while also powerful sounding.

One glance at the Sony MDR XB450AP, and these headphones are evidently an upgrade to the Sony XB400s and look every bit premium. Featuring a swivel design, these allow you to lay them flat on the surface. We have not come across this impressive design at this price point.

High on durability, the MDR XB450AP, comes cased in an aluminium body. The external housing looks very sturdy and can take fair amount of abuse during daily commute.

These headphones sport a flat serrated cable. This means that you do not have to deal with untangling these during your very engaging music sessions. It also transmits your audio without much distortion. The cable features an in-line remote and microphone for whenever you have to carry out your necessary function.

When it comes to the comfort, the XB450AP lets you feel all the comfort that you deserve. The ear pads are covered in leatherette and create a nice enclose around your ears. However, we do wish that the noise isolation was better.

As expected from most Sony Headphones, these headsets let you enjoy  extra bass. You will hear your music with all the punch. The highs and lows do not sound very articulated, however, we do not complain.

We quite like the package that the Sony MDR XB450AP bring along with it.
Bug Thinking

"This amazing headphones from Sony also sports a Beat Response Control technology which is perfect also for low-end focused music. And the cushioned earpads are really comfortable to the ear which also helps to enclose or seal the music perfectly. "


Power of good bass
Stylish body
Remote and Microphone

Lacks tonal accuracy


Our Verdict:
Well rounded pair that you will love if you are all about that bass.


2.  Panasonic - RP - HXD5

Great Value for money. Best sound quality

Panasonic always brings to us headphones with very good build quality, even at a low price range. The Panasonic HXD5, look great and we it instantly comes to be known that Panasonic has put in great efforts in order to bring the best.

Featuring a simple design these on-ears look very attractive and elegant.Yes these look very cool. The metallic rings add the touch to these and we love it.

The earpads have been padded with soft foam and feel extremely lovely to touch. They caress your ears perfectly, and will make you want to put these on every time you decide on a long musical session. However, we do wish Panasonic was a little more generous with extra padding.

These on-ears come fitted with 40mm driver units. It is no wonder that they sound astoundingly good. The highs and great and perfectly complement the mids and lows. We love listening to these.

What these headphones lack at is attenuating external noise. At lower volume, we were able to hear everything around the environment. The sound quality very well makes up for this drawback.

The HXD5 comes with no in-line microphone and remote.

If you are looking for headphones that can be used through daily commute, then these on-ears make for a fastastic choice.


"Excellent quality that will not disappoint anyone through the aperture of 40 mm it has. "


Sophisticated look
Perfect audio reproduction
No remote and Microphone


Our Verdict:
If you are looking for a pair of headphones that look good and sound even better, the Panasonic HXD5 is your perfect pick.


3.  Skullcandy - Uproar

Extremely Lightweight. Low Distortion

Skullcandy has always been known for bringing to us headphones that are extremely funky and stylish.

The Skullcandy Uproar comes designed with in a simple design and deceives Skullcandy’s otherwise very in the face standard style. The on-ears come in a matte plastic body and look fairly stylish and not very luxurious. If you are looking for great designed headphones that are worth flaunting, you may not be too impressed.

Although built sporting plastic body, the Uproar is durable and sturdy and will be able to take fair amount of abuse.

The earpads are perforated and are well cushioned, letting you experience a comfortable fit. The headband however, may make you feel some ache after very long wearing hours. The pair is lightweight and compensates for the not very well fitting headband.

Like the Sony MDR XB450AP, the Uproar too comes with a microphone and remote. Thus, you can easily carry out all the essential functions of essential for answering calls and controlling tracks. We found the functions working with much ease, and microphone transmits clear audio.

When it comes to the sound, the Uproar sounds very bassy without doing justice to the other details. The highs and mids are not very impressive. The audio however, is transmitted distortion free.

The Skullcandy Uproar are average sounding headphones and may not appeal to you if you are looking for the best sound quality.

"If you are looking for great bass, the Skullcandy Uproar is a steal at this price point. "


Durable metal build
Natural energetic sound
Comfortable for long listening sessions
No remote and microphone


Our Verdict:
If you are looking for lightweight and simple looking headphones, the Skullcandy Uproar will appeal to you.


4. Sennheiser - HD - 202 - II

Professional Sounding headphones at a Low Budget

Sennheiser is German audio brand and has gone on to specialize in high fidelity as well as consumer friendly products.

The Sennheiser HD 202 is lightweight over-ear pair of headphones that sport a very sleek design. These headphones have gained high popularity ever since they have been launched into the market.

The body has been engineered from plastic and looks very durable. The angled headband is a nice quirk that has been added to these and aids in giving a nice fit.

Featuring a closed back design, the ear cups firmly grip your ears and give you the perfect fit. Put these on and you will feel like your ears have been well hugged. The leatherette is well stitched, and very well blocks out any kind of ambient noise. If you are looking at sporting these during commute, it is indubitably a good choice to consider.

The build of the HD 202 is a little bulky when compared to other headphones in this range and may take up some extra space in your duffel.

Another drawback that sets the HD 202 behind is that it does not come with an in-line microphone and remote. Sennheiser has produced these over-ears solely keeping music listening in mind.

The cord runs 3m long, and come as a limitation or advantage to some. Senheiser understands that you may have to deal with cord tangling and has thus included a cord clip with the package.

When it comes to the sound we are impressed. The Sennheiser 202 HD is tuned to complement music from all genres.

" If you're on a strict budget and can't spend more than $40, the Sennheiser HD 202 IIs are a worthwhile entry point for aftermarket cans, boasting a comfortable fit and the company's excellent signature sound."


 Decent Build
Long running cable
Comfortable over-ear fit
Bulky body


Our Verdict:
If you are looking for lightweight and simple looking headphones, the Skullcandy Uproar will appeal to you.

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5.  Audio-Technica - ATH - AX1iS

Good Build Quality. Crisp Audio  

Audio Technica, the Japanese brand is well known for producing headphones as well as other high end audio equipments.

The Audio Technica ATH-AX1iS are over the ear headphones that bring together convenience and affordability. These headsets have been specially designed for music lovers who enjoy their favourite tracks on the go.

Engineered to sport an extremely durable body, these have been built from quality plastic. Although, they can be used daily, they are may not be take too much of pressure. We would say except able at this price . The plastic body may however, come across as cheap looking to some.

The ear cups come with ear pads that are generously padded, thus you will be able to sport these without feeling any kind of ear fatigue. Some padding on the headband would have definitely helped.

When it comes to the sound, these over-ears offer sound that is extremely detailed and professional. Part of the Sonic Fuel range, these reproduce good sound at a very affordable price. The thump is raspy and will definitely up your spirits. The low and the mids can be felt too.

A good pick from the house of Audio Technica.


Ali Pardiwala, NDTV

" The ATH-AX1iS is a decent option for the price, offering bass-friendly sound that will appeal to many of the buyers in its target segment."


Quality Sonic Sound

Cheap Looking Body


Our Verdict:
A good option if you are looking for budget headphone with good sound

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These were the best 5 headphones that come under Rs 2000. Although there are other headphones that come in this budget, these are the ones that we found are most Value-for-money. Hope this will help you choose the headphone that is most suitable for yourself. 

What are your favourite headphones in this range? Do let us know in the comments below!

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