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by Aliza Baidya January 30, 2017

Gautam Nivas


Gautam reviewed the Meze - 99 Classics headphones for us. Read about what he had to say!


 Design And Build

Straight out of the box, it seemed like the headphones that I had been looking all over for. The build quality is top notch with wood, metal, leather all around. And the carrying case is also of very high quality.

Other Gear Owned

Headphones - Audeze - Sine, V-MODA - Crossfade M-100
IEM's - RHA T20i
Portable AMP/DAC - DragonFly Black

Sound & Performance

And for the sound quality, these just sound amazing. They sound somewhat similar to V-MODA Crossfade M-100 but slightly better. Their low-end performance is similar to the M-100, but it is in the mids that the 99 classics really shines. I can hear more details with 99 classics even from lower quality MP3 files. The voices sound crystal clear. On the whole, a quite enjoyable sound signature suited for all genres.


I read and watched a lot of reviews before deciding to purchase theMeze - 99 classics. While all the reviews unanimously praised the sound quality, some raised doubts about the comfort. Anyway, I just choose to buy them and it is one of the best headphonesThey can be easily driven by mobile phones and they can get really loud.


See what Vaibhav Pisal thinks of his Chord - Mojo.

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Aliza Baidya
Aliza Baidya

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