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Wondering how you shield you premium Music Players, DAC's and Amps from the snares of the world, Miter has the answer. 'Miter', the South Korean brand brings to you exceptional leather cases that have been meticulously handcrafted to protect your treasured players.

Crafted with much love, every case goes through tough selection, before being ready to clad your audio device. Every case not only flaunts an alluring design, but is variably very durable. As its name goes, the 'Miter' is thoroughly mighty. 

So what sets the Miter apart from other ordinary cases? The unique case accommodates your set of music enticements, so as to hold them together. No more do you have to worry about your Music player and Amp being drawn far away from each other. 
What's more? Every Case has been designed to perfectly fit your player or DAC. The one of a kind design will make your Music Players want to rest in joy.

For the Astell&Kern User


The Astell&Kern - AK300 AMP & AK320 AMP Leather Case lets you strap your Astell&Kern Music Player and Amp together.


The Astell&Kern - AK300 Leather Case that is 'Unique as you are'. 


The Wine Red Handcrafted Leather Case makes your Astell&Kern AK70 look more than gorgeous. 


Let your AK380 Amplifier cradle in the gentle embrace of the Miter Astell&Kern - AK380 Amp Case. 


For the Chord Mojo User

Strap on the Chord Mojo and Astell&Kern AK70 Together with the Miter Chord Mojo + AK70 Leather Case. Never let your Chord tangle away. 


Love your Apple and Chord Mojo alike? Get yourself the Miter Chord Mojo Single + iPhone Leather Case.


Clad your beloved Chord Mojo in the soft material of handcrafted leather.


For the FiiO User

Keep the FiiO X5 (3rd Gen) away from scratches, fingerprints and scratches at all times. 

Talk to a Headphone Guru

Talk to a Headphone Guru

Information overload? Your Guru will find the best headphones keeping in mind your budget restrictions and brand preferences.

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George Philip
George Philip

June 21, 2017


Do you guys have a Chord Hugo case?

George Philip

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