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Audiophile Rajib Nath Reviews The HiFiMAN RE-400

by Headphone Zone October 30, 2019 2 min read

Audiophile Rajib Nath Reviews The HiFiMAN RE-400

Rajib Nath


Rajib Nath shared with us his views on the Hifiman RE-400 Waterline Silver In-Ear Earphones.

Design & Build

The packaging is minimal. And the first thing that you would notice upon unboxing is how small the earphones are! They are really very tiny. The body is made of brushed aluminium. 

The build quality is good, if not the best for earphones in this price range. The cable is a little different - the part from the 3.5mm jack upto the Y-split is covered in cloth and from the Y-split to the ear buds is thin and made of kind of a a-bit-sticky rubber.

Comfort & Fit

Owing to the small form factor, they are really very comfortable and you can wear them for hours without any issues. If you wear it over the ears, there's no micro-phonics whatsoever.

Sound & Performance

Lows: Well, if you are a bass head, these are not meant for you. Period. Nope, this does not mean in anyway that they lack in bass, just that there's not enough of it if you are a bass head. The bass is precise, clean, tight, fast and well defined. Sub-bass seems lacking at first, but then, it kicks in when called for.

Mids: Mids are what makes them a pure delight - lush!! To be honest, I really did not expect them to shine so much and after a burn in period of around 40 hours it really made an impact. The vocals have a texture to it and this adds to the livelyness. You can feel and hear each and every instrument and separate them without any effort!! P.S. Just listen to Norah Jones and Janis Joplin (Blues) in hi-def and you will know for yourself!

Highs: Just one word - smooth! No sibilance - none at all. And the detail is just awesome.

Soundstage: Not very wide, but then not very narrow as well.

Isolation: Not bad, though there are couple of ports for air on each bud. And since they go deep into the ear canals owing to the tiny size, you need to be careful while using them at high volumes on the road, as there's every chance of not hearing the vehicles coming from behind.

Accessories & Complementary Gear

Primary Source - Fiio X5. No amps. On laptop - Foobar2000 - ASIO - Fiio X5 (DAC) - RE400.
There are a lot of tips supplied with the earphones, so should not be a problem to find the right seal. There is a shirt clip provided as well, and a carrying case. The carrying case provided is good to keep and carry the earphones.

Final Verdict

This pair of earphones is absolute value for money. They are right at the top of the league in their price point, and I am sure they beyond that as well. The overall sound signature is neutral with a slight hint of warmth and it works really with all genres of music including RAP/EDM. The Hifiman RE-400 are a pair of audiophile quality earphones to beat at the INR 5000.00 price range. My final say on the product - Very highly recommended.

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