June 20, 2016

Saikat Roy

Music Enthusiast

Saikat shares with us his experience with his new Comply Isolation Tips.

I'd been meaning to get a pair of Comply T-200 tips for my RHA S500s as I find the stock RHA silicone tips uncomfortable to use. I could not get in long sessions of listening with my RHA S500 stock eartips primarily because of this reason. Also, folks who have heard the S500s would know that they are rather bright (harsh/sibilant highs). The combination of these two factors make long listening sessions on the S500 very uncomfortable.

Two weeks back I bought a pair of Sennheiser CX 180s as a gift for a friend. I saw that a pair of TX-400s came free with those. Immediately I decided that she wasn't getting the free Comply.

 So after the Sennheiser CX 180s were passed on to their new owner, the Comply replaced the stock silicone tips on my S500s (though there was a model mismatch, 400 as opposed to 200) they fit well on my S500s. Immediately I noticed a change in the sound signature. These negate the piercing nature of the highs (due to the wax guard, I assume) on my S500s. My S500s don't sound as bright and detailed with these, but on the flipside they are much more comfortable to listen to.

ComplyFoam T-100 Eartips

These are obviously more physically comfortable as well because of the memory foam construction. Perhaps the noise isolation is also a touch better than the silicone tips. Many reviews on the internet comment negatively on the durability of these ear tips - Well I have not seen any physical deterioration over the couple of weeks I have used them, but it is definitely a possibility because of the softness of the material used.

Do these improve comfort? Definitely. Do they change the sound signature of your IEMs? Yes (in a positive or negative way depending on your IEMs' sound signature) Are these worth the price? Only if your silicone eartips are too uncomfortable.

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