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by Sheena Ribeiro January 07, 2017

Yes! if you thought we were kidding, no we are not. Just when we had no paucity of mind-blowingly exorbitant Ear-cans in the market, French Hi-Fi specialist Focal comes in. The brand launched the Focal Utopia by Tournaire with much flourish, in June 2016 and it was presented in September 2016 at the Tournaire boutique in Paris. Now unveiled at the CES 2017, it had a lot of voices gasping.

The Focal Utopia by Tournaire is a result of an amalgamation between Focal and Tournaire. Focal claims it to be the perfect symbiosis of two unique organizations that share the same uniqueness and excellence. 

The Headphones have been exceptionally designed by Maison Tournaire, a well-established master jeweler run by father and son duo Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire. The blingy headphones, as we would like to call it, bears the mark of the triology which represents Tournaire's mark, the evolution of life. It represents the three stages of life, the past, present and future.

So what's with all that luster? Yes, precisely, the headphones have been crafted from 18 carat gold and mounted with a total of 6.5 carats of diamonds.The headphones have been hand-crafted entirely in the Tournaire workshops. Definitely, a lot of work gone in, but a tad too much of dazzle for our taste. 

Wondering what price would you have to pay to get your hands on these? The Utopia by Tournaire cost a whopping €100,000. Ohh yes, we have our hearts pounding, at the fastest rate ever. Besides, we are not sure if the sound is worth all our imaginary money. The headphones are also available with a dedicated sound at an add-on price of €10,000 .

So what do you think about the Planets most expensive headphones? Do let us know in the comments below!


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Sheena Ribeiro
Sheena Ribeiro

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