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iPhone 7 drops the 3.5mm jack: Here's what the world's leading audio reviewers have to say

by Drishti Patel September 09, 2016 4 min read


Apple introduced its first-ever pair of wireless headphones called AirPods along with launch of the iPhone 7 on Wednesday. They killed the iconic 3.5mm jack from the device calling it "technological progress". We hope Apple is ready to embrace the consequences now! While Apple might call it a courageous act themselves we wonder if this would be a revolution or a failure? Or is this going to change the way world has been looking at the brand?

Time will reveal whether its huge fanbase will grow or stagnate. People are already going crazy with the big news. Here's what the who's who of the tech world have to say:

Vlad Savov

"I’m offended right now and I’m not alone. Apple’s lofty aspirations for delighting the user needed to be underpinned by some legitimate move toward improving sound quality. Bundling actually good earphones with a smartphone isn't that hard anymore, as evidenced by HTC, LG, and most other Android manufacturers. Tim Cook closed today’s iPhone event by saying "music is at the core of our DNA," but Apple doesn’t seem to care about the quality of the music that it pumps out at us. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that selling music is at the core of Apple’s DNA. Anyone that knows what music is supposed to sound like knows that the EarPods are a poor conduit for it. Using the more capable Lightning connector to just inflict that same old abomination on people is almost Machiavellian evil."


Ali Pardiwala

"The exclusion of a once-beloved and still widespread audio standard by two new smartphones may not matter too much in the short term, but when those smartphones are from a brand that has the undeniable ability to influence the industry, that's when it means something much more. This is a move that is likely to influence the audio industry significantly, and whether this is for better or worse remains to be seen. And for the time being, if you're dependent on your phone having a 3.5mm jack, the iPhone 7 may not be for you."



Geoffrey James

"I feel that with the iPhone 7, Apple has become just another company flogging proprietary technology to up-sell its own products.Instead, like Hollywood studios that only do remakes and sequels, all Apple seems to release is stuff that milks their installed base.Take, for example, the absence of an audio jack in the iPhone 7. That's not even a feature; it's a limitation.While you can still use wired headphones from what I can see, the patch cord also makes it impossible to charge your phone at the same time.That's just plain lousy design.Unless I'm very wrong about this, Apple could have created a patch cord with a "Lightening in" jack so that you could charge and listen simultaneously.As far as I can tell, Apple is offering this either/or headphone/charge dichotomy because it wants to promote its wireless ear buds.Wireless ear buds (while we're on the subject) that are destined to fall out of your ears and get lost within three days of purchase.Ideally, I'd like to get to the place where I need only a single device, rather than a collection of devices that need to be awkwardly synced. But that's not going to happen, at least not from Apple. Removing the headphone jack and not providing a real alternative is making a bad design decision make money--the antithesis of true innovation. It's milking its cash cows rather than doing what all truly great tech companies do: innovating its current products out of existence. I can't help but think that if Jobs had lived, Apple wouldn't be slouching its way toward mediocrity."



"If you take Apple at face value, removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 is a move designed to usher in a huge industry shift towards wireless headphones. They call it "courage." If you're more cynical, like me, you can see it as an attempt to take control of the lucrative headphones market by rendering all existing wired units obsolete. That is, unless you use an unsightly and easy-to-lose dongle. But dongles aren't cool, and the iPhone is all about cool."



Matthew Yglesias

"If you survey Android users about what it would take to get them to switch to iPhone, none of them would say "I want an iPhone without a headphone jack." And if you survey iPhone users about what would tempt them to upgrade, none of them would say they want an iPhone without a headphone jack either. People want more battery life. Or a faster processor. Or a better camera. Or more waterproofing. Or less breakability. Or something. But not the removal of the headphone jack. Nobody wants that."





Nilay Patel

"Look, I know you’re going to tell me that the traditional TRS headphone jack is a billion years old and prone to failure and that life is about progress and whatever else you need to repeat deliriously into your bed of old HTC extUSB dongles and insane magnetic Palm adapters to sleep at night. But just face facts: ditching the headphone jack on phones makes them worse, in extremely obvious ways."




Quartz Staff

"The headphone jack’s disappearance on the new iPhone 7 drew the most attention. Supporters called it a “natural and obvious move” that would turn dumb tech into smart tech. Detractors argued it would needlessly complicate the overall experience of using an iPhone."




Along with the launch of iPhone 7 and Airpods, Apple has also launched three new Beats wireless products namely: BeatsX, Powerbeats3, Beats Solo3 headphones.

Everything said the wireless market is going to change forever with Apple's move.Since few mobile companies have already cut the 3.5mm headphone jack. We are wondering if other mobile companies would follow their lead! 


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