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by Drishti Patel January 07, 2017

 Gautam Nivas

 Our Trade-up Program Happy Customer

 Gautam talks about our Trade-Up program and how it  helped him to upgrade to Meze 99 Classics  headphone. Read what he has to say.


1. Were your expectations of the Trade-Up Program met to your standards?
Yes. It was a smooth experience as I expected it to be.

2. Did you think it was easy for you get your old gear listed on Headphone Zone?
Yes. It took me a few minutes to fill the form. I had to click and upload few pictures of the headphones, upload the invoice and I think in a few hours from the form submission, the listing was live on the Headphone Zone site.

3. How smooth was the entire process and do you think there were any hurdles that could have been avoided?
I think the pickup got delayed once and also, I had to run around searching for the right sized box to pack the headphones, but it was not a big deal. It was smooth for the most part. Both the headphones that I put up - Audio Technica M50x and Senheiser HD598SE, got a buyer within a few days. So, I can’t complain :)

4. Would you have any feedback for us about what we could have done to improve the process?
I think the current process is fine.

5. Was the trade-up to new headphones worth it for you?
It was absolutely worth it. I am enjoying my new Meze 99 Classics.


6. Would you want us to convey any message to fellow audiophiles about the Trade-Up Program?
I was able to sell my old gear quicker than I expected. I think the advantage of listing old gear on Headphone Zone is that the audience is as targeted as it can get, which means you have a better chance of finding a buyer. Because someone looking for used gear on Headphone Zone knows exactly what they want and the worth.

The Meze 99 Classics is available at Headphone Zone at Rs.24,999.

Read more about our Trade-Up Program.

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Drishti Patel
Drishti Patel

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