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JH Audio Collaborates With Astell&Kern To Release The Universal Versions Of Their Siren Series IEMs

by Abheer Monga July 16, 2018 3 min read

JH Audio Collaborates With Astell&Kern To Release The Universal Versions Of Their Siren Series IEMs

The story behind Jerry Harvey and JH Audio

Harvey started out as Gofer for a local show promoter in St. Louis, Missouri. This led to Jerry him becoming a roadie for a local band and due to his technical know-how and the urge to tinker with things, he was soon promoted to the job of the “Light Guy” and then the Sound Mixer/Engineer for the Band.

In 1986 he was picked up by the legendary band Van Halen, to be their sound engineer as he made sure that the band liked what they heard as opposed to the people behind the big sound boards whose job was to please the drunk audience.

In 1995, Jerry Harvey was tasked to find a better monitoring solution for the band Van Halen as according to Alex Van Halen, the noise was deafening and the band members couldn’t hear each other. Being thetinkerman he is, Jerry Harvey put together a few electronics and a tiny speaker meant for a Pacemaker in a tiny shell that was made in the impression of Alex Van Halen’s ears. These were then connected by thin cables to a wireless receiver attached to his belt. Thus came about the world’s firstCustom In-Ear Monitor. According to Alex Van Halen, the sound was beautiful and it blocked out ambient noise, “It was like night and day” compared to the existing monitoring solutions.

This became extremely popular with the band members and he then started making them for other bands. This eventually led to the founding of Ultimate Ears.

Ultimate Ears was then sold to Logitech International in 2007, after amassing a huge catalog of Associated Artists and their Ear impressions.

He then founded JH Audio in 2007 as a manufacturer of custom aviation headsets and then started producing the JH Audio Pro series for Professionals and Enthusiasts alike.

These products were wildly successful and led to development of more and more products for every type of consumer, everyone but the casual listener.

The Siren Series IEMs

Astell&Kern have collaborated with a number of brands, to create Special Edition products or complementary pairings for their portable players.

Jerry Harvey Audio is known for its custom fit IEMs and they have teamed up with Astell&Kern to introduce its Universal Fit versions of the Siren Series IEMS.

In their second iteration now, boasting of a Full Metal Jacket Design, machined out of a single piece of Aluminium(Rosie, Angie and Roxanne) or Titanium(Layla) with a Carbon Fibre insert for added rigidity.

The brand new addition to the line, the entry level Rosie (named after the AC/DC song, Whole Lotta Rosie), employs 6 Balanced Armature drivers per channel, 2 each for Lows, Mids and Highs, with an integrated 4th order crossover.

The second generation Angie(named after the song by The Rolling Stones), features 8 Balanced Armature drivers per channel, 2 each for Lows and Mids and 4 for Highs. Also with an Integrated 4th order crossover.

The new Roxanne IIs (named after the song Roxanne by The Police), features 12 BA drivers per channel, 4 each for Lows, Mids and Highs. Integrated with a 4th order crossover.

Then comes the flagship, the one named after the famous Eric Clapton song, Layla IIs. These are made from a single block of Titanium, instead of Aluminium(as used byt the other three). Also with the 12 BA drivers per channel, 4 each for Lows, Mids and Highs with the integrated 4th order crossover.

All the new IEMs feature a triple bore steel tube Wave Guide with FreqPhase technology which ensures that the sound from each tube reaches your ear within a period of 0.01 milliseconds, making it Phase Coherent.

They all come with 2 cables of extreme high quality from Moon Audio, using a 4 pin connector and an in-line Bass Output Adjustment controller. One cable with a 3.5mm jack for Unbalanced Sources and the other with the 2.5mm connector for making the best of the Balanced Output featured on multiple Astell&Kern Players.

All the IEMs are of an incredible quality, build and sound, and are hand crafted in the United States.

The JH Audio Siren Universal Fit Collection is available for purchase on HeadphoneZone.in .

So if you are someone looking for a portable companion with your Astell&Kern player or any other player for that matter, do check them out.

Abheer Monga
Abheer Monga

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