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by Rishikesh Kisla September 01, 2017

With a lot of news stirring up from the Boiling Pot called IFA 2017 this weekend in Berlin, there are some products we audiophiles are deeply into. From new earphones to advanced audio technologies is what we actually want to hear about. Then comes in a new Mobile device, the LG V30, which other than it's superb capabilities also promises to be a Hi-res music player. Now that's interesting isn't it? Let's get to know what actually is underneath the beautiful infinite display phone.




The LG V30 features a OLED Full Vision display that gives a viewing aspect of 18:9. So more to look out from on your screen. With a powerful Snapdragon 835 processor, powerful performance is inevitable. Dual cameras with Sony sensors, Imaging and Videography is as picteresque as you expect from it. This phone's features just keep unfurling out from like gifts falling out of Santa's sack. But how does all this affect us as Audiophiles. Coming to the biggest news of all.

The LG V30 smartphone offers next-generation audio functions unseen in a smartphone before for a personalized sound experience that is also easy to use. Developed in conjunction with long-time experts in the audio space the LG V30 is a perfect example of the partnership strategy behind developing the perfect mobile device for audiophiles. This phone features a high quality music integration chip developed by ESS Technologies, the SABRE ES9218P. This happens to be the first phone featuring a Quad-DAC chip.

Building on the Hi-Fi Quad DAC first introduced by its predecessor, the LG V30 features a 32-bit Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC powered by ESS Technology’s SABRE ES9218P. LG’s Hi-Fi Quad DAC presents two new features: digital filters and sound presets.

The Hi-Fi Quad DAC controls left and right audio signals separately, adjusting balance in such detail that listeners will feel as if they are standing in the center of a concert hall. LG has managed to cut the distortion rate down to 0.0002 percent. The less information lost when converting digital data into analog waveform, the clearer the resulting sound is. The audio paths are wider than ever in the V30 so it can process large, high-quality audio files without any lag and with greater accuracy.

Advanced Audiophiles often discuss about the DAC being not from a famed manufacturer but being paired with a eccentric electric circuit without faults. That is a topic we'll reserve for another day. But building up from this, the LG V30's ES9218P Quad-DAC setup paired with a zero latency circuit, it promises to produce the highest quality audio

More than that, it's amazing to see a consumer electronics brand focus so well on music quality. LG  has collaberated with MQA Ltd to provide the quad-DAC and mobile combination with a Mastering Quality Audio setup. This technology benefits for a listening experience that will touch the heart as well as the ears. Music fans can enjoy high-resolution audio without the inconvenience of downloading huge files or using up large amounts of mobile data to get great sounding music through the V30.




We just can't stop with the V30's audio features. Another excellent setup on this flagship device is the presence of a HD Audio recording Microphone with a condensor capsule that can record voice as clear as mineral water. This microphone promises a wide dynamic range.

With the ESS Sabre quad-DAC, the hardware part of High Fidelity audio playback is ensured. For the experience part, LG has partnered with Bang & Olufsen, the Hi-Fi Audio company known for it's High-Res audio headphones and speakers. B&O PLAY has refined the audio capabilities in the V30 by fine-tuning the overall sound experience and adding its own exclusive touch. A set of high quality B&O PLAY earphones comes bundled with the V30 for hours of listening pleasure with style.

Well, all said, this LG mobile phone packs in all about true multimedia. From a 18:9 OLED screen to a quad-DAC setup for the audiophile in us, it can be the perfect replacement to our favourite Digital Audio Players. LG has made high fidelity media more than portable with this premium experience.

Give in your thoughts and ideas about this flagship media phone.

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Rishikesh Kisla
Rishikesh Kisla

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