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by Rishikesh Kisla September 18, 2017

The Cayin N3 is invariably the best Digital Audio Player at the budget price segment. This electronic audio company focuses on making premium audio players with awesome features available at reasonable prices. Cayin in association with HiBy music had come up with the Cayin i5, a flagship DAP that was well accapted and accoladed by audiophiles.
This productive collaboration has again come up with an app for the benifit of the N3 users. In better words, an added feature to the already fantastic DAP.

The Hiby Link feature is a way to connect your N3 to your android phone to get data sourced from your phone to the audio player wirelessly. HiBy Music app, which let's you play Hi-Fi and lossless files on your phone can now be connected to the Cayin N3. The HiByLink will revolutionize manipulation and user experience in the DAPs’ operation.

HiByLink Beta with Cayin N3 DAP


This HibyLink feature that works in support with the HiBy Music app on your Android phone is a boon for the N3 users. This app enables data from your phone, in this case lossless audio files in WAV, FLAC and other formats to be sent to the N3. You can control the playback on the N3 using your touchscreen smartphone. A better combination right? 
This is how you can benifit from the feature. Here's a step-by-step guide to using the app and connecting it your Cayin N3.

1. Download the “N3 Hibylink Beta Package” that contains the new HiByMusic Beta App and the new N3 Beta firmware from the following link. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2hOfIpcK24hck5XMEM4LTRiaFk

2. Copy update.upt to the root directory of your TF card, insert into N3 and select System Update in the System setting menu. The player will update the firmware and reboot when completed. You can verify the firmware version from System setting -> About the Player

3. Turn on the Bluetooth of N3 and you can see the new HiByLink option; turn this on and set apt-X to On as well.

4. Copy HibyMusic.apk to your Android mobile phone and install the app; You probably need to enable the phone to “allow installation of apps from sources other than Google Play Store” under Security menu



5. Start up the HiBy Music App, tap the HiByLink icon , and turn on HiByLink; the system will pop up a window to seek your approval to set the Bluetooth to broadcast mode. Make sure you have turned on the Bluetooth of both N3 and your mobile phone now. Click “Search for devices” to locate your DAP, and the system should display your N3 DAP as an available device, you can now select N3 to proceed.

6. After you select your device, the HiByMusic App will display a pairing notification. The N3 will NOT display any passkey. We recommend you to setup the connection from the HiByMusic App, so please select the “Pair” option. N3 will now be displayed as a “currently paired” device.

7. You can now leave the HiByLink page and go back to the music playback interface by pressing the Music Note icon . From now on, all display and control on the HiBy Music App will pertain to / be directed to the remote device (i.e., your N3 DAP). We recommend you to scan your music before you move on. While the music files will be sorted into Title/Album/Artist/Genre, the album art from the remote device cannot be displayed in thumbnail views; they can however be displayed on the playback screen.

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Rishikesh Kisla
Rishikesh Kisla

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