LYPERTEK - TEVI: Reviewed by Phanindra MVR

by Phanindra MVR August 07, 2020 5 min read

LYPERTEK - TEVI: Reviewed by Phanindra MVR

Lypertek Tevi Review


LYPERTEK, a Chinese audio brand, recently shot to fame with their successful truly wireless IEM, TEVI, which I am going to review in a moment. LYPERTEK has few products under its belt, 2 IEMs and 1 True Wireless IEM. Their products carry an unique naming schemes with all the three having rhyming names: MEVI, BEVI & TEVI.

For now this review is all about their first truly wireless IEM offering, TEVI, which caught everyone’s attention by providing better performance than its competitors in its price range. TEVI is priced very aggressively at INR 6,999 or $90. TEVI uses a high performance 6mm graphene driver and supports all major Bluetooth codecs available. And is powered by Qualcomm’s high-end Bluetooth audio SOC. You can buy Tevi from either of these links below.

Package, Design & Build Quality

LYPERTEK TEVI comes in a small white box, containing the earbuds, charging case, USB-C charging cable and few extra ear tips. Packaging is pretty much standard across many brands, and LYPERTEK does not do anything new. Earpieces are made of plastic and look solidly built. Each earpiece’s faceplate holds a button with brand’s naming printed on it and a charging notification LED light. You can use the buttons to answer/decline calls, music control and to use your phone’s voice assistant. Buttons have to pressed a little harder to work and this makes it less intuitive. The earpieces are of slightly bigger size and protrude out of ear and one has to use provided foam tips to avoid any movement while you are doing any activity.

Charging case is also made of plastic and wrapped in a fabric which makes it nicer to hold. Case is on bigger size to allot more battery in it. Opening the case will show off the charging holders for earpieces, which are spaced out nicely. The hinge of the case does not feel confident inspiring though. The charging case has 4 LED light indicators at the front indicating the battery charge left. Overall fit and finish is fine and stays true to the price range it caters to.


I have used my phone Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus extensively to test Tevi. Connectivity with my phone is quite good with few niggles. Wireless range is very good. The few niggles I faced in my usage are 1. It got itself disconnected and re-connected to my phone thrice in a day’s usage and 2. Mic quality is not that good. The call receiver will hear external voices more louder than caller’s voice even if caller’s talking quite louder and the other issue I found with the mic, receiver will hear a peculiar tapping noise while the caller is walking at leisurely pace. Apart from these connectivity is quite good and stays consistent throughout usage.

And all these come after establishing a connection with my phone. Which is where TEVI lacks the simplicity of few of it’s competitors say like, Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and RHA TrueConnect have. I had to take out the right earpiece first from the charging case to get both earpieces connected at a time to my phone. If the left earpiece is taken out first, you only be able to connect that earpiece and not the right. You have to connect right earpiece separately, which won’t be that straight forward and is a hassle. You can use just a single earpiece without taking out the other, no issue with that, but if you want to use both of them, you have to take the right one out of the charging case first to avoid hassles.

Sound Analysis

TEVI, in a nutshell, is a very good truly wireless IEM as far as sound quality is concerned. It has a neutral sound and yet quite enjoyable to listen to and all that comes at a bargain price.

TEVI’s bass is on the neutral side with just the right amounts of slam when called for making it enjoyable. Bass attack and decay is quite fast and is very controlled and there is no bleed into the mids section. But, bass depth is less, which I wish it had more of it.

Mids are balanced and natural with good note thickness, placement is right at center. Upper mids though seems to have more emphasis and has more sparkle in here making mids section little energetic. Female voices sound slightly more energetic than male voices. Cymbals sound natural. It has good natural tonality.

Detail retrieval, imaging and layering all are very good for the price. It has slightly less micro-details but can’t ask more for the price and it is very good in these at its price point.

Soundstage is decent. It has got fair depth and width, enough to not have any congestion. Instrument separation is also pretty good, though it may sound slightly congested in busy tracks during high notes. Instrument timbre sound natural.

Treble has good extension and has good detailing too. But I found Tevi to be on the brighter side of things on particular songs. Not overly bright, but bright enough to trouble some.


I have used TEVI while streaming videos and found that it has little latency at the beginning of the video but later on it’s perfectly fine and no latency seen after that.

Battery Life

This is going to be another deciding factor to TEVI’s success story apart from the sound quality. TEVI has exceptionally good battery life. Earpieces lasted a good 8 hours for me on a single charge and the charging case providing another 7 more charges on a single charge of its own. This is all due to the bigger batteries placed inside both the earpieces and the charging case.


Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Galaxy Buds+ is Samsung’s latest offering in truly wireless IEM segment and is priced at INR 10490 or you can get them for INR 8500 if you buy through Samsung Corporate website. Buds+ has an upper hand over TEVI in connectivity, connecting Buds+ is a breeze on any phone and even more on a Samsung. Just download the app on non-Samsung phones and opening the case connects both the buds to the phone in an instant, and they have better call quality than TEVI too. And touch control on Buds+ seem to work more intuitively than TEVI’s. Buds+ have a stellar battery life, with earbuds running for 10-11 hours on single charge. But TEVI has got an upper hand when it comes to the charging case, TEVI’s charging case is bigger in size and battery capacity, it can charge earpieces 7 times compared to Buds+ case which can only charge buds twice being smaller in size and hence overall battery life is just superior in TEVI. As far as sound quality is concerned, Buds+ takes the cake here. Just. Though difference is quite close. Buds+ do seem to have slightly better overall clarity and better treble control than the TEVI. Both sound very neutral, with TEVI having little brighter highs.


Priced at INR 6,999 or $90, TEVI has many things going for it. It has got good build quality, exceptionally good sound quality, decent call quality, good connectivity, and stellar battery life. It has its share of issues, but all those are minor. Overall, TEVI is an exceptionally good True Wireless IEM. Well worth the money.

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