Lypertek TEVI : Reviewed by R.Balaji

by Shopify API August 11, 2020 4 min read

Lypertek TEVI : Reviewed by R.Balaji


The LYPERTEK TEVI was sent to me as part of the review tour sponsored by Headphone Zone and I am in no way associated with Headphone Zone or LYPERTEK TEVI or have been influenced by either of them to provide a positive review  


Excellent True Wireless for the price if you can live with a slight boost in the treble region (personally I can and I think it is needed)


Packaging is minimal and compact and does not provide any wow factor but serves the purpose, for the price it need not too.

Build & Comfort:

Build and comfort is top notch, can’t complain for the price. I guess design cues has been taken from other leading brands. The matte finish fabric cover for the docking station is a brilliant idea.


I was just too lazy go through the Quick start guide (as usual) and was using the same old dog tricks to pair them, I was pushing the multi-function button (MF) continuously and of course it did not work ☺ On reading through the manual I understood that the MF button has to be pushed twice to bring it into pairing mode. To be honest I struggled quite a bit to do that, I think it is the age now ☺ Let us not blame LYPERTEK for this! You can pair either of them the left or right and it commands the other one to get connected.

The unit switches on its own and will get connected automatically if you keep your Bluetooth on all the time on your phone and switches off automatically when returned back to the dock even though they have switches to manually turn them off. The other convenient feature I noticed is that the dock has an inbuilt battery and the IEMs will be charged irrespective of the dock being connected to the charger. Wait a minute if you are wondering if I had ever used or seen any True Wireless you are right! This is my first acquaintance with a True Wireless as I don’t like Bluetooth IEMS too ☺. Take my review with a pinch of salt then if you think so!


I used them for a couple of morning walks and came pack pretty impressed. I am a guy in my 40s and my music taste is limited to Ilaiyaraaja, vocal Jazz, Instrumental jazz and a dash of 80s pop & rock. Honestly don’t have an ear for other stuff ☺ The sound seems to be fairly balanced across the spectrum with a wide stage. The wideness of the stage was really impressive and helped me to visualise the orchestra very well and it helped quite a bit in imaging too. I will call the bass to be at audiophile levels and not over boosted, it also has sense of tightness and precision and does not feel bloated, did not expect such a tuning for a TWS as most of them will have boosted bass for mass consumer appeal. Some of my recent acquisitions in audiophile grade IEMs like JVC FDX1 has the same kind of approach.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not implying that the SQ is the same but I could see some similarities in the approach to tuning. Overall I was very satisfied with the bass response and the way it is tuned. Voices have a good appeal both male and female, I would see more so with female voices without going much into examples as the tuning seems to tilt much towards the brighter side. Depending on the nature of recording occasionally you may crave for a bit more body for male vocals with a heavy lower mid accent like S.P.B or Gregory porter. In fact Gregory Porter’s voice sounded a touch bright with both of his famous albums “Liquid Spirit” & “Take me to the Alley” but have very good emotional appeal and decent body. Treble response is very good and extends very well and is the highlight of this IEM. It helps in bring a lot of air and stage definition, some might feel it is a touch hot but really not much for me. I never had to eq and would just reduce the volume a bit to reduce fatigue. The treble peak seems to come between 5 to 6K and you are right it is just a wild guess....ha ha, to avoid giving wrong impressions let us call it a mild treble peak. On the good side when listening to tracks with busy instrumentation it helps in defining and identifying each of them properly to quote a few those splendid back up violins that comes like a wave in Ilaiyaraaja’s music, the minute acoustic guitar touches that comes through out the track and those tasty Cymbal strikes!



It does not skip a beat while having my mobile in my pocket and taking my morning walk, don’t imagine that I am a fitness freak-it was one of those occasional walks I take once in a blue moon. In fact this True Wireless unit motivated me to take a few walks which is good, thank you Headphone Zone ☺ Occasionally, I had felt that the image centre shifts a bit when using at home and happens mostly when I put the mobile on charge and listen to my music a few metres away and does not happen if the mobile is in my pocket or closer. I think the default Quality setting is aptX and could not see any settings for changing the same which itself is quite good, don’t feel like asking for more.

Battery Backup:

The battery charge level can be seen in the Bluetooth settings and I think it is very good, after a 1 hr listening session I remember seeing a 10% drop. I could be wrong here as I did not take time to accurately measure it but I think it is very good and the good thing is that it gets fully charged when you return it to the storage box


For the asking price it is a splendid TWS and would heartily recommend it to any friend who wants a bit more SQ while still being able to do things wirelessly and not very fond of famous brands.

LYPERTEK TEVI: Reviewed By R. Balaji

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