November 02, 2016

FiiO has announced the availability of a new firmware package developed for its X1 2nd Gen portable music player, namely version 1.3.3, which fixes issues with the player, improves UI operation and more.

This new update fixes issues where the player might freeze when playing AAC files and output via Bluetooth; skipping songs in fast speed when playing AAC files might cause the system to crash; where the 16-bit WMA tracks would be displayed as 24-bit and many other such issues..

When it comes to installation, first make sure that the player’s battery is fully charged, save and unzip the downloadable archive, and transfer the “X1II.fw” file onto an FAT32-formatted microSD memory card.

Afterwards, connect the card to the X1 2nd Gen unit, turn the device on while holding “Shortcuts” key (the key to the upper left of the touch wheel), and wait patiently as the player does its job. Upon completion, the X1 2nd gen will restart automatically.

Bear in mind that, during the installation, you mustn’t use any of the device’s buttons, or remove its battery/SD card. Please delete the X1II.fw file from the micro SD card and update the media library again after the update is complete.

That said, carefully follow all steps described above, and enjoy your newly improved device.

If the update process fails, please change to use a blank micro SD card with capacity under 32GB, and directly format it by the X1 2nd Gen before upgrading again.


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