June 14, 2017

Noble Audio has carved a name for itself globally for creating the world’s finest sounding universal and custom in-ear monitors. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Noble Audio products is that the engineers take their craft very seriously. Each IEM is hand-assembled and matched perfectly by dedicated audiologists and passionate music enthusiasts to give you, the listener, the ultimate music enjoyment.

Based in California, Noble Audio is headed by Dr. John Moulton aka the Wizard who holds a Ph.D in audiology. Brannan Mason, an audio enthusiast, is the co-founder of the company. The brand's name is inspired by the literal meaning of the word "noble". Noble Audio stands for superior quality excellent products showing fine moral principles and ideals.

What we at Headphone Zone admire most about the Noble Audio range is their design aesthetic. These guys have managed to make custom IEMs look uber cool when they usually tend to look quite ugly. Online forums like Head-Fi are all praises for their product lineup.

John met Brennan during his Thailand travels back in 2007 while he was in the middle of delving into how to create CIEMs. The motivation to start a CIEM company wasn't the only thing driving the two entrepreneurs. Content, photos and a product design were already in place. Things slowly started taking shape with the very first 20 sets of CIEMs being made on bathroom floor in the middle of winter somewhere in China. The two-strong company then met the rest of their to-be teammates, with Kaizer Soze, Nancy, dB Cooper, and Echo joining in and keeping this new mean machine well oiled and running smoothly. By the way, how cool are these names!

Through this initial period, the company was actually operating under John's Head-Fi moniker "Full Circle" and only decided on the name "Noble Audio" when the company was just about to go their own ways. Luckily, that never happened!

What makes Noble Audio a great company, besides it awesome products, is their customer service. They're available to help their customers 24/7! How they manage to do that is because the company is spread over different continents: John's in Thailand, Nancy's in China, Paul's in the UK and Brannan operates from the UK.

Noble Audio's products don't conform to a specific kind of sound. This is another unique differentiator in a market where headphone brands are identified based on the sound their products produce. 

"Nobody can articulate what Noble objectively sounds like, but I will say that each of our configurations sound different. Whether there is some sort of underlying characteristic that is shared amongst all of the configurations, that is up for the listener to decide, but we truly like everything we offer. John will design a configuration and we’ll listen to it, a small set of people whose opinions we respect will take a listen, and then we’ll bring it to the masses. Rarely do things turn out the way we expect. It is really tough to design IEMs to meet specific preconceived criteria, but if doesn’t sound good to us it won’t see the light of day."
- Brannan, Noble Audio

What perhaps is the best thing about Noble Audio, is its people. They're truly grateful for all the support they've received from their customers. It's what keeps them going!

Explore the complete Noble Audio range here.

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