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RHA - TrueConnect: Reviewed By Debashish Kalita

by Debashish Kalita March 16, 2020 5 min read

RHA - TrueConnect: Reviewed By Debashish Kalita

​RHA TRUECONNECT - A premium truly wireless in-ear earphone

RHA has been one of my favorite brands. I have used the famous RHA MA 390 and recommended it to a lot of my friends. I also have the RHA MA 750 wireless. RHA always has amazed me with its premium design, comfort, ease of use and sound. When the True Connect arrived for review, I was really excited to experience another RHA product.

So did the True Connect came up to my expectations? We will know that in some time.


The True Connect is the first truly wireless product by RHA. It features a Apple Airpods like stem design. But unlike Airpods, these have the nozzle like that of a usual in-ear design. My unit is an all matte-black color including the charging case. The earphone and the case has a soft rubber coating. The earphone is controlled by the button on each earbud, they can be used to connect via Bluetooth, play/pause, increase/decrease volume, disconnect the call, activate google assistant. The control scheme is pretty minimalistic and I got used to it pretty easily. Both the earbuds have an led indicator which indicates if the earbuds are active or not.

The case features a unique swivel design and whenever opened shows the battery level on the 3 white LED lights present on the top right corner of the case. The type-c charging port is present along the side of the case. The case is extremely well built with a coating of soft rubber.

RHA - TrueConnect: Reviewed By Debashish Kalita RHA - TrueConnect: Reviewed By Debashish Kalita


The earphone fits really well in the ear. They felt pretty light and I didn't find anything bothering in regards to the weight. I have used it for 3-4 hours straight and they are really comfortable. As a truly wireless earbud, one would have high expectations while using outdoors and True Connect is really impressive. I would use them frequently while commuting to work, which includes walking as well and never felt any compromise on the fit. They stay put on the ear and I never had to worry about them falling out. I am usually too lazy to go to a gym or go out for jogging, but since truly wireless also has the use case of listening to music while working out in a gym or while going for jogging, I did go for jogging to test them. They tend to stay put in this case too. So in terms of fit, they were good to go. The IPX5 active sweatproof rating makes them a perfect use case for any workout activities, however, anything highly aggressive might still make them fall out of our ears.

The soft rubbery coating is another thing that makes sure the earphones sit comfortably in our ears without causing any irritation.


The True Connect comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which offers high bitrate audio streaming and better connectivity. It is backward compatible with Bluetooth 4 devices as well. The pairing process is pretty easy, one just needs to click and hold the button on the right side of the earphone until it shows up on the unpaired devices list of your phone. Just choose RH True Connect and it gets connected. As soon as we put them inside the charging case, they get disconnected easily and similarly when we bring them out of the case they get connected to the recently paired device. This feature is very convenient and leads to great user experience. During my use, I didn't find any connectivity issues. In a certain situation where another device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth gets disconnected automatically, the earphone also gets disconnected for a brief 2-3 seconds which I feel isn't the fault of the earphone. The range as marketed is 10 meters. But I was to keep the phone in another room, then the earphone doesn't face any connectivity issue for at least 15-20 feet (5-6 meters approx).


The True Connect features 6mm Dynamic driver which gives a rich detailed sound. I haven't tried much in the wireless category, but even in the standards of the wired counterparts, the True Connect does pretty well. The sound feels balanced with good extension on highs but not too bright. There's good amount of details. Bass is natural and is in appropriate amount, which might disappoint the bass lovers but I never felt the bass lacking in any form of music I tried. Mids are rich with slight emphasis towards the upper mids. The mids aren't forward neither recessed, makes them very natural sounding. Highs are well extended and very detailed. I was surprised to find such details in a pair of wireless earphone. I have used the RHA MA 750 wireless which was pretty brilliant but the True Connect retrieve details at another level. The soundstage isn't too wide though but I guess it wouldn't be fair to expect on the levels of wired earphones. Nevertheless, the soundstage and imaging are pretty decent for a pair of truly wireless and I am pretty satisfied with the quality of sound the True Connect offers. It connects via AAC codec which is pretty good and performs better than the usual SBC codec. However MA 750 wireless had Aptx enables and I believe, in today's date Aptx HD on the True Connect would definitely push them to another levels.

I used it extensively to watch Netflix and didn't find any lag in the sound. Same goes for Youtube or any other video streaming as well as for offline videos.

Call Quality:

As a pair of wireless earphone, call quality is another important factor. The call quality is pretty good, I never faced any issues while hearing on the earphones and neither realized any issue with the mic. The person on the other end was able to hear me clearly even in outdoor noisy situations. On video calls, I didn't face any lag in the speech.


The earphones are rated at 5 hours of battery life and an additional 20 hours from the case. During my use the earphones did last 4-5 hours easily and the charging case charges the earphones 4-5 times atleast. Under normal uses, I had to put the case on charge on alternate days.


The True Connect comes with a plethora of accessories in the box: One type-c charging cable, ear tip holder, 7 pairs of silicone ear tips (S/M/L) and 3 pairs of Comply Foam TrueGrip Ear Tips. The multiple pairs of ear tips are really helpful considering different people have different types of fit.

RHA - TrueConnect: Reviewed By Debashish Kalita RHA - TrueConnect: Reviewed By Debashish Kalita


Well now we have arrived at the part where I can easily go ahead and say that these are easily recommended. I love the design approach of RHA and with True Connect they have done it again. While functionality wise they almost have it all, sound-wise too they did great! RHA offers a whopping 3 years warranty, not that you are going to need it but the procedure is hassle-free. Headphone Zone offers the warranty service for RHA products and one needs to fill the Warranty Claim Request Form in the Headphone Zone website.

True Connect is available at Headphone Zone at 40% off for ₹8999. For the price, I believe its a great deal!

My Rating: 4/5

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Debashish Kalita
Debashish Kalita

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