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Shanling - MTW100 Dynamic Driver: Reviewed By Shatrughan Singh

by shatrughan singh March 18, 2020 3 min read

Shanling - MTW100 Dynamic Driver: Reviewed By Shatrughan Singh

Introduction & About the Product/Brand

Shanling is a well recognised name among audiophiles. Known for its high-quality music products for a decent bargain. Once more Shanling has come out with new true wireless earbuds for the fast-moving consumers who don’t want to be tied down 😀 at a very affordable price.

Design, Build Quality, Comfort, and Fit

The buds come in a brilliant small packaging almost fitting all the small accessories required for an iem which includes:

  • Buds
  • Charging case
  • Some interchangeable tips
  • Documents
  • No charging cable included(requires type C cable)

The build is quite brilliant, made of all plastic buds and charging case the body is glossy and tough. Seems as if it can take a hitting in the daily commute.

The fit is perfect for people of small and large ears 👂 sits comfortably inside the canal and with the various selection of tips makes it easier fit. There is almost no weight to the buds making them very easy to carry and use outdoors.

Usability and Functionality

Some functionality such as music playback as soon as you plugin the buds is pretty good.

Even the double-tap play and pause are pretty cool well to simplify for the layman. There is still a long way to go as far as fluid usability goes in the True Wireless section goes. Certain Functions are a hit and miss kind of thing. Like volume and next and previous are very confusing and almost never work.

Calling is also a complete disaster. The sound is very muffled to the person you are calling and even the sound of the caller isn’t clean at all. Needs to be worked on properly in the next generations.

Although the Bluetooth quality is good. Unlike Creative Outlier Air in which one side always kept dropping the connection, no such issues in the MTW100, even the distance of the source increases more than 10m the there is a good connection with the phone, which is quite good.

Sound analysis

I have tried a decent amount of wireless earbuds to frankly say that the Shanling MTW100 impresses you as soon as you plug-in the earbuds. The bass rumble sweeps you off the ground and the treble is quite entertaining. With a good V shape sound and wide stage, the vocals never seem to take a backhand and are always clean and delightful.


The highs are clean and crunchy with a very slight shrill in some songs only in higher volumes, With tip rolling this can be easily adjusted

Instrument separation can be easily noticed but isn’t top-notch. Same with the imaging. The details are crystal clear but imaging still seems to take a hit. Which is natural as it’s a DD configuration IEM.After some regular usage, the details become more clear but one can say that these iems aren’t meant for details retrieving and rather mainly used for on the go fun

The sound is very airy and the sound stage is wide with a decent amount of articulation.

When compared to Hifiman TWS600, the human easily surpasses the details and treble crispness in comparison to MTW100.


The middle frequency as I said earlier has a slight V shape but the sound stage is wide due to which there is no significant recessed effect of male and female vocals. Vocals are clean and smooth, Not upfront but also not very behind and are soothing to the ears.

The instruments such as guitars and string instruments are clean and mellow with a good amount of body.

In comparison to TWS600, the mids are lacking on MTW100. The mids on TWS600 are forward and crystal clear with a good amount of body and stage presence.


The lower frequency is why I like this iem and that is what separates it from another low budget True wireless iems.

You could say the bass takes a forward step in the whole array of sound manipulation in these iems but everything is still very clean and easy on the ears 👂 

The mid-bass provides a good thump and a decent amount of texture. The lower bass goes deep and create a good rumble effect

In comparison to TWS600, the bass is bigger and deeper on the MTW100. But tip rolling definitely improves bass depth on the TWS600.

Shanling - MTW100 Shanling MTW100


In the end, I will only add one thing to the whole review, that on a low budget if one wishes to get a good quality iems for essentially the fun factor and for outdoors and gym, this will be a good choice. But for a well detailed iems which has forward vocals, there are other options available such as the Hifiman TWS600.

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shatrughan singh
shatrughan singh

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