Shure Aonic 50 : Reviewed by Shatrughan Singh

by shatrughan singh October 29, 2020 4 min read

Shure Aonic 50 : Reviewed by Shatrughan Singh


Shure is a well recognised name among audiophiles. Known for its high quality music products and brilliant research team always aiming to be the best. This new ANC headphone is a proof of that.

All the technical details of the product can be found on the product page. Please check if required.


The package from the point you put your eyes upon gives you a very premium quality feel and is a delight to open. The headphones are inside a hard shell faux leather cover. The headband and the earpads seem to be made of some kind of leather giving a very precious look. Specially the brown version looks beautiful 😍.

We are at a highway shack. I thought this would be a good place for headphones photography and you can see the results of a crude background to a sweet looking device. The contrast helps the appearance of the package.

The built is solid with a metallic headband but it's not un-portable. It's quite good actually. I'd prefer a cool and rugged design. Looks superb than most ANC headphones available currently in the market. They are good to carry around and easy on the head. It has a snug fit and gives a good isolation from the noise outside.

Shure_Aonic_50_as_reviewed_by_Shatraghun_Singh Shure_Aonic_50_as_reviewed_by_Shatraghun_Singh


I'm surprised with the call quality. The noise cancellation is superb and is integrated very well with the call function. The call receiver neve complained about the noise around me as I was calling from the road.

It's has noise cancellation button to switch them off and on as per your need.

Although I noticed that music sounds better with noise cancellation off. It has a more balanced profile.


Brilliant sounding ANC headphone

The highs are clean and crunchy with very slight more texture than required. Clarity is good for a closed back headphone

Instrument separation can be easily noticed but isn’t top notch. Same with the imaging. The details are clear but are not natural in a closed back headphone.

After some regular usage the details become more clear but one can say that these headphone aren’t meant for details retrieving and rather mainly used for on the go fun, or into the gym after lockdown. 🤣

The sound is very airy and and sound stage is normal; wide with decent amount of air circulation.

The middle frequency as I said earlier has a slight V shape but the sound stage is normal due to which there is no significant recessed effect of female vocals. But male vocals take some hit. Although not in every song but is clearly visible in some songs.

Vocals are clean and smooth. Not upfront but also not very behind and are soothing to the ears.

The instruments such as guitars and string instruments are clean and mellow with good amount of body.

The lower frequency is why I like this headphone s and that is what separates it from other Bluetooth headphone.

You could say the bass is balanced in the whole array of sound manipulation in these headphone s but everything is still very clean and easy on the ears. The lower bass goes deep and create a good rumble effect


Song: Passive.
Artist: A Perfect Circle.
Very clean bassline. vocals aren't back but seems like wide U shape sound. Male vocals are slightly thin. Treble monster with lots of texture. Might I add the distortion has distortion in a good way. 😂

Song: Reborn
Artist: Kids See Ghost
Super bassy song but on these the sub bass is low as compared to V-MODA and the stage is also wider. Overall I prefer these than VMODA Wireless 2

Song: One For My Baby
Artist: Willie Nelson
Vocals are superb. Male voice is thin but very slightly the reverb of box guitar and the purity of piano is amazing. It's very surprising with this performance of a ANC Headphones

Song: Tumhe Dekho Naa
Artist: Sonu Nigam/Alka Yagnik
Somehow Bollywood music is made for these headphones! Everything is completely balanced. Super smooth upper end and optimum performance of lower end is the sweet spot with slight aback vocals. Its like somehow Shure knew. 😉

SONG: Brave for You
Female vocals are super on this set. Just the right amount of weight and the slight thinning of mids adds to the charm of female voice. As the stage is nice and wide, everything sounds amazing

Song: Helena Beat
Artist: Foster the People
The treble is slightly overwhelming in this song. It seems to be slapping me in the face. Next song please!

Song; Beat It (John Mayer Ver)
Artist: Fall Out Boy
All right! Hard rock - Beat It. Very nice, very enjoyable and energetic. As I said earlier, these headphones will be loved by rock lovers as it give you ample details and clarity even in a heavily distorted songs. Vocals are right there with no lag whatsoever. 

Song: Life After Sundown
Artist: Glass Candy
Amazing song and what a band. French pop/house. The bassline and vocals very clean and the stage is wide. I have never felt congested or had the feeling of being confined in a box kind of sound. That's what is amazing about these headphones as these are closed back and above that ANC which rare to see.

Song: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Artist: Elton John
Male vocals being slightly thin seems to be consistent. Otherwise everything else sounds clean. The bass slam is perfect. Impact on drums and piano are amazing. Even chorus has that sweetness.

Song: Flightless Bird
Artist: Iron and Wine
Male voice seems to be proper in this song. The acoustic guitar is very clear and articulated doing justice to the country theme.

Shure_Aonic_50_as_reviewed_by_Shatraghun_Singh Shure_Aonic_50_as_reviewed_by_Shatraghun_Singh


I have used Sony XM2000 ANC headphones and not the latest version. However, these are way ahead of those. The built quality is much better justified to the price.

Even better than some of the premium closed headphone brands like V-MODA M100.Shure Definitely has the edge over V-MODA.

Finally, I can say if you are a gym goer and outdoor person and want a good noise cancellation headphone and enjoy bollywood music this is your weapon of choice... Peace 😉

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shatrughan singh
shatrughan singh

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