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The brand Sony is synonymous with bass. It thus, came as no surprise, when Sony released a bunch of Extra-bass headphones at the CES 2017. With much pleasure, they now add two wireless headphones and four speakers to the already wide Extra Bass range. According to Sony, the speakers are “made for today’s heavy-hitting bass lines and dropping beats” while the headphones are "just for listening to bass-heavy music, drops entirely optional". Lets you take you through the newest additions of headphones and speakers, featuring Sony's Extra Bass Technology.

The SRS XB40 speaker was launched with much excitement and is believed to be seated at the top of the range of Sony speakers. The XB40 is extremely well designed, thereby sporting a smart and urban cool look. The vents of the speaker have been adorned with lights that change colour. The flashing lights around the edges of the speaker lend you a club-like feeling, minus over-priced entry passes. Water-resistant, these beauties can stand the test of a splash. The XB40 houses a big battery, now dance away for 24 long hours without stop.
A nice feature, the XB40 lets you chain up to 10 wireless speakers and play the same song at the loudest volume, through them all.
The smartphone app allows control from your smartphone. Increase the volume, or control lights and playback at the tap of a button. NFC-enabled, you can connect wirelessly merely by tapping your device against the speaker.

The SRS-XB10 speaker is a much smaller wireless speaker. Designed in a cylindrical shape, it can be comfortably held in your palm. Pretty cool to look at, it can be carried anywhere you go. The little strap lets you hang your speakers from your bicycle or your belt. We love it. Like the XB40 series, the XB10 too comes with Bluetooth, enjoy convenient wireless connectivity. Powered with NFC, connect your device to the speaker by a mere tap.
With a 16-hour battery life, we find the XB10 to be extremely efficient and can not wait to get our hands on it.

The Sony MDR-XB950N1 headphones are the brand's new flagship addition. With the XB950N1, sony set its toes into the Extra bass with noise-cancelling technology headphones category. The headphones boast of 22 hours of continuous playback on a single charge, stay unstoppable. 
Digital noise canceling blocks out unwanted noise, letting you enjoy music at all volume levels. With the integrated microphone, answer calls on the go. 

The Sony MDR-XB950B1 does stray too far from its stablemate in terms of design and features. One look at the headphones and you are likely to mistake these for the MDR-XB950N1. With no noise-cancellation feature, the XB950B1 comes with 18 hours of battery life. 

The Sony MDR-XB550AP is a wired on-ear pair of headphones. Sleek and well designed, the headphones can be adjusted to give you a comfortable fit. Featuring an in-line remote and microphone, the XB550AP lets you control your music and answer calls on the go. Available in a slew of fun bright colours, Sony lets you choose from black, red, blue, green, red and white.

The Sony XB510AS is the last, but definitely not the least on the roll of new Extra bass launches by Sony. The in-ear wired model has been specially designed for sports. Water resistant, the XB510AS stays dry even you hit the gym.

If you are looking to embrace every little ounce of bass from your favorite tracks, we bet, you too like us are looking forward to lay your hands on Sony's Extra-Bass series.

Are you excited about the newest additions to Sony's Extra Bass series? Do let us know in the comments below!

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3 Responses

Ashutosh Biswas
Ashutosh Biswas

September 02, 2017

Please let me know when sony is going to launch MDR XB950N1 in India. Im just too crazy about THE Headphone

Ritesh Tripathi
Ritesh Tripathi

May 29, 2017

Please let me know when sony is going to launch MDR XB950N1 in India. I am very much intrested in buying them. Thanks in advance:)

Akash Singh
Akash Singh

January 11, 2017

If you could provide the price range of all the products mentioned above( as & when available)
Thanks in advance :)

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