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by Praveen Kamath July 18, 2019 2 min read

Audiophilia doesn’t come cheap. There, we said it. With a lot of casual listening and audiophile options coming in at a sub-10,000 price point, this segment holds utmost importance and offers headphones that could possibly be your stepping stone into audiophilia. You will find all the big guns stepping out here with their most basic and entry-level offering. Backed by a solid ancestry in sound, brands like Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Grado and Sennheiser battle it out at this point. Having been hotly debated among both audiophiles and consumers alike, for their ability to reproduce truly balanced sound that is perfect for mixing, mastering and producing the latest track that'll blow your mind.


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Grado SR80e

The Unorthodox One

"If you enjoy rock or metal and want something that sounds a lot like a concert, the Grado SR80e should be your pick."
- Varun Soni, Headphone Guru

Grado is one of the most unusual headphone makers. These are unusual headphones as they’re on-ear but have an open-back design. They leak sound and provide almost no isolation, so if you want something to wear whilst commuting or outdoor, look elsewhere.

The earpad style is unorthodox too. They are round slabs of foam, less soft but sit well on the ears. These are lively headphones with excellent midrange and treble detail, as well as swift, deep bass for a pair of this size and style.

The Good

  • A detailed sound and a wide soundstage.
  • Vivid and spacious sound response.
  • A comfortable form factor makes it lightweight and portable.

The Bad

  • The open-back nature makes it prone to sound leakage.
  • The cables are too thick and may not be ideal for outdoor usage.
Praveen Kamath
Praveen Kamath

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