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by Sheena Ribeiro January 06, 2017

The FiiO X5 1st Gen and 2nd Gen has gained great applaud for its perfect engineering and design, a true masterpiece. Riding and improving on the same wave, FiiO has now successfully launched the X5 3rd Gen and we couldn't be more excited. Unveiled with much fanfare and grace at the Sheraton Grand Beijing Dongcheng Hotel, the X5 3rd Gen enjoyed a winter launch on the 17th of December 2016. We have excerpts from their presentation down below. 


Down Memory Lane

The FiiO X5 series is clearly a link between the past and the future. It leads the X series players towards the classic scroll. The player opened the future to seamless music that you could carry in your pocket.


The FiiO X5 has been designed keeping in mind the classic iPod. With its flawless design, it does not stray far away from the iPod that has been used through the years. The player shows it highest respect to the classic piece.

The FiiO 5X series aims to be a revolution, with its fashionable body and trendy style. It allows you to hear the best in audio.

The world is moving towards a wireless movement and FiiO has come to recognize the same. More and more convenient operation and comfort is what we seek. 

And here the FiiO X5 3rd Gen comes in. 


The FiiO X5 3rd Gen eliminates the small screen of its predecessors and features a 4.0" big touch screen that offers a comfortable UI (User Interface). 


The linear design with a great looking angular shape that lets you perfectly hold the player in your palm. The X5 3rd Gen presents you with a sense of power.

The X5 3rd Gen features a cool volume knob, thereby giving you tactile enjoyment.

The X5 3rd Gen has been built to perfection, the 45 grooves lends the player a robust look and we love it!

The side of the body houses a power button that adorns a "FiiO red ring", making it look extremely attractive and intuitive. All FiiO Players will feature the FiiO red ring to lend FiiO's unique element. 

Built to last, the X5 3rd Gen has been fitted inside a CNCed Unibody. This unique design ensures that your player stands the test of time. 

Further emphasis has been placed on the sturdiness of the body, this through a sandblasting process. A smooth finish is ensured by coating the casing with fine grains of zirconium.

The X5 3rd Gen adopts the advanced technology of a concealed SD card design, thereby giving the player a better look. It also aids in keeping your card lost dustfree. 

Summarized, the design of the FiiO X5 3rd Generation.

Technological Advances

The FiiO X5 3rd Gen has been fitted with dual top-of-the-line DAC chips that supports decoding of upto 32bit to 768kHz.


The Player supports native DSD, a feature audiophiles root for.

Extremely versatile, the X5 3rd Gen supports the highest number of audio formats. These include DXD, DSD, FLAC, WMA, AAC, DTS, WAV, APE, OGG and many more.

Enjoy Four way LPF for first-rate amplification.

The X5 3rd Gen not only lets you attach your 3.5mm single-ended output, but also allows for 2.5mm balanced output too.

The highly efficient player lets you store large number of songs hassle free. Dual storage supports upto 544GB of music.

The X5 3rd Gen serves as a DAP aswell as a DAC.

The X5 3rd Genallows for 2 modes of quick charge, thus you never run out of power. It has you covered.

The FiiO X5 3rd Gen features Bluetooth 4.0. Thus, steam music wirelessly.

The In-line remote lets you control your functions with much ease. Pause, play, control the volume and do much more.

Tuned to perfection, the X5 3rd Gendelivers the audio with ultimate perfection. Listen to every detail and sound.

More specifications.

Software and Specifications

The FiiO X5 3rd Gen features Bluetooth 4.0. Thus, steam music wirelessly.


Enjoy Dual Mode.

All new UI (User Interface)

More of some notable improvements you can enjoy.

Are you excited about the new FiiO X5 3rd Gen? Do let us know in the comments below!

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Sheena Ribeiro
Sheena Ribeiro

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