by Bernadette Braganza April 02, 2018

Audeze is known for its audiophile-grade headphones and earphones. Among all its revolutionary audio devices is the iSine series consisting of the iSine 10, iSine 20, iSine VR and the latest iSine LX. So what makes these so cool and different from other in-ears? Read on to find out.



1) Planar Magnetic Drivers

Merely the thought of Audeze brings its award-winning Planar Magnetic Drivers to mind. While these drivers are known to offer incredible detail and clarity, they are HUGE and hence, earlier, could only fit in headphones. The iSine10 is the first earphone to fit these huge and heavy drivers into its tiny housings. So now you get Audeze's world-class sound in a tiny package.

2) CIPHER Lightning Cable

The CIPHER Lightning Cable has been made especially for the iPhone. This cable is not just like any normal standard cable. It can stream 24-bit hi-res audio with its inbuilt Amp, DAC and DSP. Unlike most in-ears which come with the standard 3.5mm plug, the CIPHER lightning cable lets you connect even to the newer generation iPhones that have dropped the 3.5mm jack. If you are an Android user and want to experience the iSine's audio, you can plug-in with the standard cable that comes with this in-ear.

3) Semi-Open Backed In-Ear Design

Apart from the above points in this article, another unique feature of the iSine is its semi-open back design. You will rarely find an in-ear with such a design. This is what gives this earphone a super-wide soundstage and makes you feel as though you are sitting in a mini concert hall.

4) Built by Designworks USA

Remember that gorgeous BMW you always wanted? Well, the iSine10 and iSine20 have been built by a company from the very same group. Audeze has collaborated with Designworks USA, a BMW Group Company to create the iSines’ attractive design. Now you know who to thank for that eye-catching matte black geometric design.

5) Audeze iOS App

You can personalise the sound you are listening to with the Audeze App. It features a 10-band equaliser that can be saved into presets. The best part—thanks to the inline DSP in the CIPHER cable, these presets stay even if you change devices. The cable saves the firmware so that you don't have to keep fidgeting with the EQ whenever you switch to  a new iPhone.


Audeze iSine10

Audeze iSine20



Now that you’ve seen how cool these in-ears are, it’s certainly time you check them out and tell us what you think about them.



So which cool in-ears have you tried on recently? Do share with us in the comments.

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Bernadette Braganza
Bernadette Braganza

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