November 28, 2016

Opus makes one of the world's best hi-res audio players. The Korean company has come a long way since 2004. They have specialised in portable Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) system.

We are very excited to see that their DAPs are launched in India for the first time. Here's what the world's musicians, record engineers, reviewers have to say about their DAPs. 

Sonny Trigg

"The Opus was the last to turn up to us and more of an unknown quantity than any other player, being from a company with no real audio background. In the nicest way possible this seems to be the cheap mans AK. It attempts to look like them, it uses similar DAC chips to them and I can even see similarities in the UI, which may I add could do with just a little tidying up. Since this seems to be the most modern of the players with its touch screen and chiseled looks, it’s a shame that it was not all out with WiFi, streaming, app store etc but instead it seems its biggest case to buy lies within its analytical sound signature which certainly will have its lovers and does stand its self apart from any other player here. Of course the price of this is a bit more than the rest of the players which it only stayed on the level of and never really exceeded."




"Oppy performs especially well as you’re using its single-ended out. SE out keeps both THD and IMD distortion levels comfortably below audibility. Frequency dips are miniscule. Oppy’s biggest audible anomaly is its penchant to compress low and high frequency stereo detail under load. The outcome? Beautiful, well-illustrated midrange landscapes.Its stylistic flourishes are simpleton. Its nomenclature sophomoric. But it is easy to use, it sounds great, and in general it performs. If you’re not into using external amplification, it is a great choice for most earphones and headphones. This Korean player lacks Korean edges, but nails SQ in a high-end world dominated by Korean DAPs."

Mike Portnoy


"Opus#1 from the BIT is a very impressive digital audio player and deserves appreciation considering its audio performance. Opus can better more expensive daps in terms of sound quality, but the firmware needs to be improved. I can recommend Opus to who is looking for slightly less bassy but resolved presentation. Finally, I can easily say that the price/performance ratio is the most successful part of the player."


"The Opus#1 is a solid first DAP from this erstwhile unknown Korean R&D specialists. Feature wise it’s solid with balanced, optical and headphone out. The missing DAC functionality from PC’s will be a welcome addition but otherwise dual microSD slots, 8-9 hours battery life and a cushy little leather case should distract rather nicely. Decent low noise levels, balanced and unbalanced outputs with decent power makes this an agile little DAP for IEM’s and more than a respectable performer with headphones. My money’s on energetic headphones or IEM’s with a bit of spice up top as the best match. If I thought the Opus#1 was pants I would not prattle on about things I want to see in the future but I do think it is a good little DAP at a very fair price for what you get."


The PC Enthusiast

"The Opus#1 is the first DAP or portable digital audio player from the Korean company, but I think they did a pretty good job with their first DAP. The Opus#1 has a (very) stable operating system and it’s very easy to use thanks to the touch swiping feature and responsive touch screen.
Overall the performance is very solid and you get not only a standard 3.5mm single ended output but also an optical output and 2.5mm balanced output as well. Not to mention, battery performance is great. I get around 9 to 10 hours of straight use and it doesn’t consume much power (or any power at all) when on standby. Sound wise, the Opus#1 is generally a well-balanced DAP from bass to highs. It’s generally neutral sounding but leans a bit towards the warmer side. Sound reproduction is great; it produces a very detailed, clean and clear sound with good amount of soundstage and layering."

Professional Guitarist

"Opus#1 does this with playback specs of up to 24 bit, 192 kHz and superior frequency response. It’s a great sounding player with a beautiful design and a data storage capability of almost half a terabit! I recommend the Opus#1 hi-rez audio player to everyone, from audio professional to consumer who wants to hear music as they’ve never heard it before."

Professional Keyboardist

"Even though a lot of people today are listening to music on their cell phones for those who want a step up in the audio listening experience the Opus#1 is worth it. The 24 bit high resolution sound is a far superior listening experience and the folks at Opus#1 have a clear open circuitry that allows all the transients and dynamic range of the music to shine through."

Professional Bassist

"I have been a professional musician for over 25 years and one thing that has always been missing for me is a great audio player that can play high resolution audio files. Opus#1 has been the answer for me and I highly recommend it!"

Professional Drummer

"The Opus#1 Hi-Res Audio player is a refreshing and welcome addition to the high-res audio market. For those serious listeners who desire the ultimate listening experience with unmistakeable depth and clarity, I strongly recommend the Opus#1Hi-Res AUDIO Player."






Recording Engineer

"You can enjoy profound sound.Clear and calm sound is the feature of Opus#1. Opus#1 has nice converter and amp. Opus#1 can play any music files in high-end sound quality. I think opus#1 is a nice player."


Sound & Recording Engineer

"I tested Opus#1 without having any particular expectations when was asked to write a review for this product.I was simply amazed after listening music on this device.Because from the beginning I did not really expect it to be so good in expressing such profound sound. Although the quality of music files is quite good by itself, the sound provided by Opus#1 is simply amazing. With intention to provide the most objective view on this product, I have uploaded few files that I normally listen and study and files underwent final mixing process. When I listened to it, I forgot on initial purpose to analyze the sound and simply enjoyed the music.Opus#1 is suitable for those willing to enjoy the high-res music despite it’s size."



Concert Programmer

"The word ‘Opus’ is widely used in describing masterpiece of a classic music and High-Res Portable Audio Player Opus#1 conveys such feeling of expectations and put into work efforts of a potential singer or band before their first album release.This device can even surprise a notorious high profile musician by its all around sound analysis ability.Even from a design standpoint the device stands out being not that heavy. Opus#1 could escape from being too big in size and width and despite some metal look it is made of reinforced plastic and ideally fit in hand, being just 190g in weight."



Hi-Fi Audio Critic

"OPUS#1 is a player providing the greatest sound performance opting for expressing the analog sound expressivity, so coveted by every digital player maker. The high-res audio signal output is brilliant and generally used audio sources playing properties are well balanced as well. The only way to make such sound less pricey is to ensure not the automatic factor but the delicate tuning work of a human. "



Machostudio Director

"After listening through Opus#1 I could not even grasp the size difference between the files, so enormous was the difference. Dimension was different. 3 dimensional music sensation difference was indescribable and voice, music instruments were totally different. The Reverbration disappearing in the end was heard differently, and I could even feel the personal individuality of a singer. The whole experience using Opus#1 made me taking all my previously mixed files out of HDD again, to try them on this device. I wondered if those files be heard in Opus#1. The act of listening to music through smartphone and or transmitting the files from it to Bluetooth headphone may make me feel that the work done in a studio is of no use if heard universally the same. Joy of listening to music may be multiplied if high-resolution audio source is used."


Recording Engineer

"I have tested the first product from the original manufacturer the Opus#1, feeling that the name truly conveys the excellence of device. The main feature of opus#1 is it’s like a well-tuned instrument professionally well balanced with warm hearted emotional sound of analog devices and delicate sound of digital devices. In overall, Opus#1 is a well-produced device having an absolute expressiveness of the old and new music atmosphere."


Director & Producer

"No musicians would want their music to be offered in streaming music services or made in the form of mp3 files. Therefore, playing the very original file format of recording using the high-resolution audio file player is the best possible way of delivering my music to all. The Opus#1 is the best "


Recording Engineer

"At time when it’s pretty common for LP. CD. MP3 formats to gradually decrease in quality, frankly speaking I did not have that much expectation from Opus#1. However, I came to a conclusion, that Opus#1 could surprisingly reproduce the warm and deep feeling of analog sound and also the quality of an original studio mixing sound, by that minimizing the loss of a sound source. I think the release of Opus#1 will become an opportunity, sensation and new paradigm in music listening experience, providing value and joy of real original mastering sound to professional musicians and ordinary music lovers."


Recording Engineer

"Music makes us emotionally driven. Sound makes us impressed deeply. Opus#1 is the emotional impression itself."


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