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by Anisha Peter December 16, 2014

1. Joshua Ledet - It's a Man's World

    Joshua Ledet placed third in Season 11 of American Idol. His rendition of ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ by James Brown has to be one of the best live TV performances ever! His passion and delivery in this song will leave you awestruck.


    2.  J Marie – Mama Knows Best

    Hot, hot, hot! Her confidence on stage is absolutely stunning! With a powerful voice, great looks and a rockstar attitude, J Marie on The Voice is a complete package.  Watch how every jaw drops when she starts performing!


    3. Love Song - Candice Glover

    You can feel the love with this rendition of the Love Song on American Idol. Candice’s vocals are extremely powerful and her great control makes this performance worth your time. Wait till her last note hits you!


    4. Get Lucky – Anna Mcluckie

    One of the most unique renditions to this smash hit by Daft Punk, Anna Mcluckie on the Voice is an absolute delight! Just 18, her gorgeous looking Celtic Harp compliments her voice perfectly.You’d like to know about how far she went on the Voice.


    5. Turn me on – Willie Jones

    Get ready to fall in love in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Willie Jones from Lousiana stunned everyone at his first audition on the X Factor. Everybody in the audience seems to love with this incredibly sweet and talented guy!


    6. Dreamed a Dream - Susan Boyle

    We’ve all heard of her. She’s given us some great live performances on Britain’s Got Talent but what makes her first audition so special is how she confidently takes on a rather cynical audience. Oh, and watch how the hard-hearted Simon Cowell melts in his seat as he listens to her!


    7. Give me Love - Uncle Jed

    A simply executed performance, her voice will give you goosebumps. This trio went on to win Australia’a Got Talent in 2013. It’s no wonder why. We’re so glad to have discovered them!


    8. The Prayer - Charlotte and Jonathan (Duet)

    Watch how this duet stuns Simon Cowell! Extremely shy,they are completely different people until they start singing. This is a beautiful rendition to the infamous The Prayer


    9. Andrew De Leon

    Punk rock? Or Gothic Rock? Nope, don’t let those looks deceive you.Because Andrew DeLeon is an opera singer! This was the first time that he sang to anyone! First time EVER! I mean, what was he doing all this time?!


    10. Bring me to life - Lettice Rowbotham (Violin)

    She isn’t a singer but we decided to make an exception for this violinist because she’s so damn good! Lettice Rowbothman on UK’s X Factor is definitely one of the best talents to have been discovered.

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    Anisha Peter
    Anisha Peter

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