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5 Bands from India's North East You Should Know About

by Anisha Peter February 27, 2015

1. Tetseo Sisters

The Tetseo sisters are a true representation of Nagaland’s inimitable culture. They are a group of four sisters who are on a mission to revive the folklore of the Chakhesang Tribe. They sing in Chokri, the dialect of the region around Phek and accompany all their songs with Tati, a single stringed instrument and khrokhro an instrument that resembles the tambourine. Their style on-stage complements their traditional music. They’ve performed at the prestigious Hornbill festival of Nagaland and have also played at the previous edition of the NH7 weekender. Their first album Li: Chapter 1 is a compilation of acoustic folk songs.

2. Girish and the Chronicles

Girish and the Chronicles are a hard rock band from Sikkim, who are currently based out of Bangalore. They came together in the year 2009 and are fronted by Girish Pradhan who is a singer, songwriter and composer. They are influenced by bands of the 80s and 90s like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Iron Maiden. Their debut single Angel was a massive hit that helped them create a huge fan base in the indie scene. They composed the song Golden Crown for the Sikkim Football Association which became a hit among people in their hometown. They have also taken their music to other countries like Hong Kong and North Korea and were very well received.

3. The Vinyl Records

The Vinyl Records is an all-girl rock band from Itanagar that are currently based out of New Delhi. They came together in the year 2011 and their current line-up consists of Cheyyrian Bark on vocals and keytar, Banu Jini on guitars, Minam Tekseng on bass and Mithy Tatak on drums and percussion. They are influenced by bands like CSS, The Clash, Strokes and the B-52 and describe their sound as post punk. They have been featured on MTV India’s F1 Rocks show and were among the 15 finalists of Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds 2012. They’ve played at some of India’s most prominent venues and music festivals.  They released their debut EP Whims in 2013.

4. Alobo Naga and the Band

Fronted by vocalist and singer/songwriter Alobo Naga, this band is one of the strongest acts to have emerged from Dimapur, Nagaland. They came together when their vocalist Alobo decided to try his hand at some rock and all. He auditioned close to 70 musicians and finally picked just four to represent the band. While the band works heavily on rock and roll music, Alobo when performing solo enjoys doing pop music and singing love songs. Their first single Painted Dreams premiered on VH1 in the year 2011 and also won them a nomination in MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 for Best Indian/Worldwide Act. The band is ranked at the 9th spot nationwide on Reverbnation.

5. Purple Fusion

Purple Fusion is a Folk fusion band from Nagaland, whose sound incorporates elements of Blues, Jazz, Funk, Reggae and rock. The band came together in the year 2012, and they are influenced by musicians from varied genres. Their debut video “Tring Tring- Marks of War” released in 2013 and was featured on VH1 and MTV. They have collaborated and worked with renowned artists like Rabbi Shergill, Rahul Ram of Indian Ocean and the Grammy Award Winner John W Schlitt of Petra. Their album Folk Reminiscence came out last year.

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Anisha Peter
Anisha Peter

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