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5 Indian Bands that Defy Language Barriers

by Anisha Peter January 22, 2015 3 min read

With their unique and brilliant sound, these bands have proven that music is not confined by any particular language or genre. We have loved and enjoyed their music without having to understand every word and by just appreciating the emotion and sentiment behind every song. 

So here are five amazing Indian bands who's music you should add to your playlist today!  

1. Avial

Avial made their debut with the smash hit ‘Nada Nada’. A song every Avial fan remembers even today! They are an alternative rock band from Kerala that came together in the year 2003 who have managed to create their own niche in the indie space since. They picked the name Avial, which in Malyalam represents a traditional dish of a mix of vegetables like their blend of Malayalam folk lyrics with heavy rock tunes. While the band works on composing some ingenious catchy tunes, their lyrics are put together by friends outside of the band, who they believe do a better job at song writing. The line-up of Avial consists of Tony John on vocals, Rex Vijayan on guitars, Mithun Puthenveetil on drums with Benjamin Issac on bass. They won six out of seven awards at the Jack Daniels Rock Awards in 2008, putting them on the list of one of India’s most accomplished indie acts.


2. Tetseo Sisters

The Tetseo sisters are a true representation of Nagaland’s inimitable culture. They are a group of four sisters who are on a mission to revive the folklore of the Chakhesang Tribe. They sing in Chokri, the dialect of the region around Phek and accompany all their songs with Tati, a single stringed instrument and khrokhro an instrument that resembles tambourine. Their style on-stage complements their traditional music. They’ve performed at the prestigious Hornbill festival of Nagaland and also played at the previous edition of the NH7 weekender. Their first album Li: Chapter 1 is a compilation of acoustic folk songs.


3. Bhoomi

With traditional tunes of Baul and Bhatiyali and contemporary lyrics, Bhoomi choose to call their urban folk.  This band from Kolkata have been together since 1999 and are one of the strongest acts to have emerged from their region. When they began, they played for all kinds of audiences at various venues, till them received recognition across all parts of West Bengal. Their song ‘Baranday Roddur’ is a tune that every Bhoomi fan associates them with.They were signed on by the international label Universal Music in the year 2010 for their popularity and longevity in the Indie scene. Their eight track album Desh Jurrey was launched by Mamata Banerjee in 2011. Post this launch, Bhoomi performed at the United Nations Headquarters to an enthralling audience and also represented India at the Jazz Fest at Montreal where they sold 140 CDs of their album.


4. Thaikuddam Bridge

A 19 member band, Thaikuddam Bridge is a solid act you’d want to watch on-stage. Founded by Govind and Siddharth Menon, they are a band from Kerala that rose to fame with the success of their track Fish Rock. They’ve been telecast on the prestigious Kappa TV which also helped their launch in the south. What sets this band apart is the fact that most of their musicians are multi instrumentalists and they don’t believe in confining their music to one specific genre or language. They’ve played several shows across India and in Dubai and now stay tied with a lot of private gigs.


5. The Raghu Dixit Project

You’ve probably already heard about The Raghu Dixit Project and listened to their music too. And you may also agree to the fact that they are one if the few bands to take Indian Indie music to other parts of the world. With Raghu Dixit’s deep, rustic vocals and lyrics in Hindi and Kannada, this band can seamlessly put together all things Indian. With their unique sound and energizing performances they are one of the most solid live acts who have played over 1,00,000 people and also performed to the Royal Family of England alongside the dance troupe Nritarutya. Their latest album Jag Changa received great reviews from critics across the globe.

Anisha Peter
Anisha Peter

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