Four Point Someone

Four Point Someone

A website that sells just headphones? Yeh kya hai? was my first instinct.
Now when driven by emotion, I get down to prepare an account of a journey that has been nothing short of extraordinary, I cannot help but wonder what everyone who’s been a part of this, must be doing at this unearthly hour. 

It's close to 2 am and a typical winter-night in Mumbai, the otherwise humid city which has been engulfed in cold breezes and temperatures in the order of 15-17°C. The haziness of the weather ties right into how my thoughts are aligned right now. 

I lay down my mind without a thought. Even the slightest of quivers would’ve put me into action but sigh, none. A blank, that’s all I was drawing. The last time this happened, I’d landed this job. 

I’ve had the honor of wearing multiple hats in my time at Headphone Zone. I graduated as an engineer, a curious, starry-eyed one that too. Not a care in the world, and no clue as to what I’m about to do next when I saw a recruitment ad that screamt to me. It seemed like my calling. 

A website that sells just headphones? Yeh kya hai? was my first instinct. In a market dominated by conglomerates like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal (back then, it was) Headphone Zone seemed like a cute little niche ecommerce store that rightfully leveraged the internet boom in India and set out on a mission to help people rediscover the music they love so much. 

Those who’ve never been smitten by the love bug may never understand or perhaps find it hard to comprehend why we do what we do. I mean, it is just a headphone.

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