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Headphone Zone: 100 Days in 200 Words

by Bernadette Braganza May 12, 2018 1 min read

Disclaimer: This blog post was supposed to be 100 words long, but anyways got extended. That’s why it’s now 200 words. Anyways, to get back to what I was planning to say…

I started working at Headphone Zone, well, about a 100 days ago. It started soon after my interview (where the only question was “What questions do you have?”).

First day started with introductions, searching for a laptop and getting to know about the team and Headphone Zone in detail. Everyone here was welcoming and I was also introduced to a new dish called ‘undhiyu.’

First day over and I got into the routine of blog posts as well as product pages (Did I mention that I was hired as a content writer? No? My bad). Reading and writing about headphones, comparing different earphones and finding out new things about audio technology is quite fun.

Like I mentioned before, the team is quite friendly. Everyone has their quirks, which ensure some amusement on a daily basis. We sometimes play games after work. Most are quite patient even when explaining something or correcting a page with a messed-up code.

Over time, I also got to try my hand at PR, Instagram stories and Coding. We have training sessions off and on which help in understanding headphones as well as headphone brands better.

I certainly enjoy working here. But, so that I don’t have to change the title to 300 days, I’ll end this post. Here’s to another 100 weeks at Headphone Zone!

Bernadette Braganza
Bernadette Braganza

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