We Need to UN-Pause: How COVID-19 has affected Headphone Zone, what we are doing, and how you can help?

We Need to UN-Pause: How COVID-19 has affected Headphone Zone, what we are doing, and how you can help?

Dear Friends, Fans and Customers,

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown all our lives, our businesses, and for some of us, our very livelihoods into meltdown. It feels like every dystopian sci-fi thriller I’ve watched is coming true in real life.

Everyone I know is locked up at home wondering when this crisis is going to let them step out, meet their loved ones, get back to work, and get their lives finally back on track. 

Some of you have lost your jobs. Some of you are on indefinite leave trying your best not to lose your mind. And some of you, like our team, are working from home and counting the days as they pass by through a blur of Zoom meetings, conference calls, Netflix, and not to forget, listening to music. 

We’re all in this together while the world is on pause. Hang in there.

But guess what? We need to unpause. We need to keep the music playing. It won’t be too long before things start rocking again. 

The first week of the outbreak, I was still in shock. I quite literally couldn't comprehend what was going to happen. But it was a wake up call. It took a while, but then I pulled myself together, and got to work along with the rest of our team. I’m personally feeling more committed and responsible towards you, our incredibly supportive customers as well as the audiophile community we’ve built together over the years.

I want to write to you to share with you a little bit about how Headphone Zone is coping with these difficult circumstances, and how, you, our community members, fans and customers can help us through this.

How has COVID-19 affected Headphone Zone?

We couldn’t have ever planned for this situation in our wildest dreams and we’re still coming to terms with the implications of COVID-19 at Headphone Zone.

  • We’ve had to close our Mumbai office for the past 2 weeks. The entire team has been working from home. We’re trying to keep pace with customer calls and emails as well as maintaining our website. Luckily, no one, yet has contracted the virus, or has any family members who are unwell.

  • We’ve had to close our warehouse and back office in Chennai as well. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to go back to pack or ship any orders until the Lockdown ends.

  • Our courier partners have had to stop their operations. Domestic flights, trains and trucks cannot move. 

  • Several of our partner brands have had to shut down their factories and postpone product launches around the world and many colleagues from the industry have lost their jobs.
  • We can’t source or procure any products. Imports have stopped. International flights are suspended, and our brands can’t ship them out. 

  • Cashflow is a total jam. Our business relies on having steady sales from our online store, to keep things going. Our employees, support staff and suppliers depend on it.

Yeah. It’s all pretty shit right now. But the important thing is, we’re OK.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
- Kelly Clarkson, 2011

How can you help Headphone Zone?

#PreBuyLocal: As always, we need your help and support while we try and keep our business afloat. We’re a small team, but we’re driven by passion for what we do. I can confidently say, when it comes to audio gear, our small business is one of the most sustainable and impactful choices you can make as we're 100% owned, funded and run by proud Indians, and we’re here to stay. 

  • Pre-order headphones on our website

    If ever there was a time to buy Headphones or any gear on your wishlist, now’s the best time to tick it right off. Right now, pretty much all our products are available at especially low pre-order prices. By placing a pre-order with us, we’re hoping that not only will you be able get the deal of a lifetime on your favourite brands, but also allow us to keep our jobs when the lockdown ends. While we can’t ship your order to you now, once lockdown ends, if the product is in the warehouse, it will be shipped ASAP. If we have to import it, however, it would take a few weeks more.

    I ask you to please check out our special Pre-Order prices on new products to our collection that we’re adding over the next few days. And, if I think about it. I'm sure you could use an upgrade once we're out of this. I would be really grateful to you.

  • Get a Gift Card from us

    If you're not sure about Pre-Ordering something, I would ask you to please get a Gift Card on our website for whatever amount you can spare. This can be used for any future purchases from Headphone Zone at any point of time. This will really help our cash flow situation greatly. It’ll help us keep jobs right now, so that we can continue to serve you. The Gift card doesn't come with any expiry date, but will come with me and my entire team's most sincere gratitude and indebtedness. You would have really made a big difference in helping to keep us going.
  • Write us a Review

    If you believe we share the same passion for music as you, and have been sincere in our effort to serve you, I’d request you please just write us a review. Reviews help us spread the word, and honestly makes a lot of difference to new customers who may not have heard about us and may be skeptical about ordering something from us. We’ve served lacs of audiophiles and music enthusiasts over the years who’ve endlessly supported us. If only everyone knew, they’d trust us more. Your review would make all the difference. 

  • Social distancing doesn’t mean being socially isolated

    I am happy to engage with the online community as much as we can. I will do Instagram AMA sessions and so much more to keep you all updated with what’s happening with the team.

  • Give us advice

    What would you do in this situation? We have lots of time to read it. And I have all the energy in the world to act upon it.

To stay updated with what’s happening at Headphone Zone, please follow us on Instagram. We’ll try our best to keep you updated with how the team is coping.

Stay safe. Stay indoors. Wash your hands. If there's one thing I've realized right now, it is that we need to first stay alive and stay well enough for us to use Headphones and for everything else to matter.

Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night
Streetlights, people
Living just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the night
Don't stop believin'
Hold on to the feelin'
- Journey, 1981



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