Read How Amit Trivedi is Redefining Bollywood Music

by Anisha Peter December 04, 2014

Amit Trivedi’s career started off as an introduction from a very close friend to Writer and Director Anurag Kashyap. This not only gave him a much deserving breakthrough, but it also changed what Bollywood movies had to offer! Only five years into the industry, Amit Trivedi has created hits like Pardezi (Dev D), Iktara (Wake Up Sid), Meeti Boliyan (Kai Po Che), London Thumakda (Queen) etc., to name a few. But what made every one of these tracks such a hit weren’t just catchy melodies but his effort to give listeners something new and innovative to listen to everytime. It’s always exciting not knowing what to expect next in a song and be it Bhangra, Jazz, Rajasthani folk, electronica or the flavours of African folk music, all of Trivedi’s tracks have a fresh fusion element to them.

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To try and understand how he uses different influences, let’s look at how Amit Trivedi put together the song Aafaton Ke Parindey from the movie Ishaqzaade. The song is based on a Dubstep influenced rhythmic beat at 155 beats per minute. For those who aren’t familiar with Dubstep, it’s a form of electronic dance music, characterized by heavy bass lines and drum and percussion beat patterns. The vocal lines of the song have Amit Trivedi’s signature resounding style; a feature you’ll find in almost all his tracks. The power and punch in the vocals of the song is also very characteristic of rock music. As the song progresses, you’ll hear the use of tabla and banjo that’s influenced by Lucknow, the location of the movie. He’s very carefully picked out all these different elements keeping in mind the feeling of angst and frustration that he hopes to create. This is possibly the first Bollywood song to have blended the influence of Dubstep music with the rural music style of Indian instruments and lyrics. What will also entice you about all his tracks are the lyrics that are put together and written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. Amit Trivedi works closely with Amitabh Bhattacharya to ensure that the lyrics are carefully crafted to bring out the essence of the situation in the movie.

Amit Trivedi’s journey as a musician began in college when he started playing keys at various fests. For a musician with no formal education in music, Amit Trivedi’s music is a result of his love and quest for all kinds of music in the world. He believes that hardwork and commitment make your dreams come true and he doesn’t believe so much in the luck of your stars.  For listeners who enjoy this kind of fusion music, his episode on the MTV Coke Studio is a treat to the ears.

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Anisha Peter
Anisha Peter

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