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Top 4 Institutes that are Enabling Music Education in India

by Anisha Peter March 11, 2015 3 min read

You love music and want to make it your profession? Then why not enrol yourself in a professional course that’ll give you all the necessary skills you'd require? Even if you think that music is something that can be self-taught, the advantage of music institutes is that you also have the opportunity to network with other musicians and other professionals in the music industry.

So if you want to put together a band or get your tunes spinning at a night club, a music school is a great place to start. Learn, jam and surround yourself with music through the day because it isn't something any passionate musician would mind. And although there is a lot of talent around us, in a country obsessed with the profession of doctors and engineers, music education isn’t something a lot of people consider. Thankfully though, some institutions in India are changing this trend by putting together some great curriculum and faculty in western and Indian music.

Here are four such institutions that are making a difference and are definitely worth considering.

KM conservatory

Founded by our very own A.R Rahman in 2008, this conservatory was one of the first institutions in India to offer full-time courses in music performance. They offer foundation and diploma courses based on the level of proficiency that every student comes with. They also have courses in audio engineering, electronic music production and a specialist course in vocal performance. What students really seem to like about KM is their experienced International faculty and regular student recitals that happen very often. Their facility of living on-campus allows their students to be surrounded by music 24x7 and access any given facility.

True School of Music

True school opened in Mumbai quite recently. It’s been close to two years since their start and they seem to already be doing well. Founded by Ashutosh Pathak and Nitin Chandy, the school offers a Foundation and Pro music School in Western and Indian music and a whole bunch of music workshops happening regularly. The True School of Music has the best state-of-the art facilities with a stunning campus that is always open for a quick tour to take a look at all that they have to offer. Besides all this they also constantly host open mic nights and other events to engage with potential students.

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, also known as SAM, is located in Tamil Nadu; a few kilometres away from Chennai. They offer one and two year diploma courses in music performance and music production. SAM has been well-spoken of because of the amazing faculty members they bring to India every semester. They have some great names from the Bollywood industry and Indie scene as part of their alumni. Because of their tie-up with McNally Smith College of Music, their students are allowed to study a semester in Minnesota. SAM is also quite talked about because of the amazing workshops they hold with some great names in the International music industry every summer. If you don’t stay up-to-date and register quickly, you may just lose out!

Global Music Institute

GMI or the Global Music Institute is located in Delhi and has a whole bunch of courses to offer. From full-time diploma courses in music performance, to even single-semester enrolments, GMI is quite flexible in its courses. It also has GMI sessions which are a series of clinics and concerts that bring together well known musicians from India and other countries to interact with students. The USP of GMI is that their full-time course curriculum is accredited with the prestigious Berklee College of Music. They also offer regular info sessions where any potential student can learn and know more about the institute.

So make your pick based on your needs and start chasing your dreams! Remember that all these institutes also offer scholarships to students with some exceptional talent.

Anisha Peter
Anisha Peter

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