When Indie Artists Make Cover Songs Better Than Originals

February 20, 2015 1 Comment

Working on covers of well-known songs is a great way for musicians to get started online and at gigs. We found some incredible musicians making fabulous covers, that we think you must watch! Tell us which one you liked best. 

Janie’s Got a Gun by Allegro Fudge

An incredible cover of Aerosmith by this folk-rock band from Bangalore. The harmonies in the song really add to the song and give you the chills.


Jiya Jale by Berklee Indian Ensemble

A genius rendition of AR Rahman’s song from Dil Se, the arrangement of this song is what makes it so fabulous! One of the best covers I must say.


Voodoo Woman by Soulmate

As if we needed more reasons to love the band Soulmate, Tipriti in this video shows us what a fabulous performer she is. This cover of Voodoo Woman by Koko Taylor is a performance you should watch live next time soul mate is playing in the city.


Aaj Jaane Ki Zid by Shankar Tucker feat. Rohini Ravada

This soothing rendition of the classic Indian song captures the emotion of the song really well. All of Shankar Tucker’s covers are new and refreshing and definitely worth a watch.


I Dreamed a Dream by Aditi Iyer

Just 9 years old, what a voice she has! She pulled off this rather challenging song like a pro. We have a star in the making.


Ishq Bulaava by Sanam

With a voice that strong and a great face like that, its no wonder the band Sanam is going places. This is a beautiful acoustic cover of a Bollywood hit song.


Drifting by Mana Gupta

One of the most talented guitarists in the scene, Manan Gupta will keep you hooked with his brilliant finger style. Quite a perfectionist don’t you think?


We’re Going Home (Drake) with Tujhe Dekha Toh by Arjun

As bizarre as the combination of the songs may sound, this cover by Arjun is pretty good. Good enough to make him a finalist on Ryan Seacrest’s competition.

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1 Response

B. Ravi Shankar
B. Ravi Shankar

July 18, 2015

The amazing Aditi Iyer. Never ceases to surprise me?

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