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When Our Newbies Tried High-End Headphones for the First Time...

At Headphone Zone we take listening to music seriously and so, we came up with Headphones 101. All our newbies were given an explanation about the different kinds of headphones, sound signatures and the dynamics of music. Post that, we started with the more fun part of the training. Each one was asked to listen to any of the headphones on display while Headphone Guru Salim and CEO Raghav, were explaining the different features of the headphone and suggesting tracks. On asking about their experience, here's what they had to say:

Headphone Zone_Team Training


"I loved the V-MODA, the bass."

- Namita Jaiswal


"Achha hai naaaaaa."

- Uttara Gautam (on the STAX SR-009)


"Comparatively the vocals were more powerful."

- Deepali Seth (on the Sennheiser HD 800)


"I'd have to analyse to choose the best. But I like the Mobius."

- Shraddha Dharewa


"DT770 PRO had more treble than the others."

- Prasanna Lal


"Oh f**k! The bass is so good."

- Samiksha Kadam (on the Shanling M0 & HiFiMAN Ananda)


"It sounded exactly as it did when I heard him live."

- Sheldon Phulpagar (on the STAX SR009)


 Headphone Zone_Training



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