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December 06, 2014

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There’s always a keen effort by musicians, event organizers, music lovers and enthusiasts to get indie music out of its little confined boundary and reach out to a larger, more varied number of people, hoping that you earn more interested listeners. In a similar effort, channels like MTV India and Channel V introduced shows like the Coke Studio, Launch Pad, MTV Unplugged etc., to introduce their viewers to the world of Indie music and musicians. What they do, how they do it, why its relevant are some questions they answer effortlessly quite often. The success of shows like Coke Studio is today a clear indication of people’s willingness to listen to new kinds of music and musicians. This process over the last few years has made production houses more and more confident of launching similar shows.

In 2011, came a series called The Dewarists with a little twist in their concept. Introducing itself as a music-travel show, The Dewarists features collaborations between musicians in India and across the world while pulling them out of their studios and jam rooms and placing them in attractive, picturesque locations across the country. With the motto of Somethings Are Worth Doing, this show tries to inspire its viewers through the passion and life of musicians. During the whole process of figuring out what a resultant collaboration will sound like, the show gives you a good insight into every musician’s journey from start to the present. The advantage of taking these collaborations to different places is that very often elements and  the culture of these places seeps into the music these artists produce. If you want to know what I’m talking about, watch Episode 1 of Season 1 that features a collaboration between Bollywood composer Vishal Dadlani and British Pop musician Imogen Heap. Different sounds of Jaipur blend in beautifully with the Western pop-rock elements of this song and it’s exciting to watch how it all comes together.

The Dewarists has three seasons so far with 22 mind-blowing collaborations. Some of the most memorable collaborations according to me would be:

I Believe for its intricate collaboration between Agnee, Parikrama and Shilpa Rao that brings out a beautiful, unified message.

Masti Ki Basti mixes Raghu Dixit’s organic sounds with the music of ‘King of Naga Folk Blues’ Guru Rewben Mashangva. This song elevates your mood within seconds and that guitar riff is going to play in your head over and over again.

Aaina has an almost evocative melody with Suryakant Sawhney’s lingering vocals and BLOT’s psychedelic beats. 

Make Love features Thermal and A Quarter, Adil and Vasundhara and Ashwin Srinivasan. Vasundhara’s powerful vocals coupled with Bruce Lee Mani’s seamless guitar work is enough to make this song legendary. Ashwin Srinivasan's work on the flute is pure genius!

The Dewarists today is a musical brand in itself. They recently collaborated with NH7weekender to conceptualize and create The Dewarists stage that featured live performances of Dewarists artists. What makes this brand so strong today is not just the unique idea and the brilliant artists that they have on-board but also the quality of production. Their camera work, editing, scripting is almost seamless. They make the effort to find great locations, build a rapport between artists and even make sure that the audio equipment like the headphones, microphones and recording equipment artists work with is of the best standards.

What a show like this also enables is much more than just bridging the gap between new audiences and indie artists. It’s a platform that empowers collaborations that may otherwise not have been easy to accomplish or make possible. It puts forth the genuine, creative process of music making, allowing the possibility of new found respect for musical talent and originality. And in a TV space that is crammed with saas bahu serials and crass reality shows, The Dewarists with their unique idea and fantastic production is a breath of fresh, fragrant air.

The Dewarists airs on Star World with 5 to 7 episodes per season. You can watch every episode on their websiteand stay up-to-date for Season 4.

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