December 06, 2014

Tipriti Kharbangar

Tipriti Kharbangar Live

(Picture Courtesy of Ameet Singh)

As the front-woman of the blues band Soulmate, Tipriti today is easily one of the best female vocalists in the scene. It’s no doubt that she is a powerhouse of vocal abilities, but her charismatic and vibrant stage presence makes her an extremely impactful performer. Influenced by the 60s and 70s music that her dad played, Tipriti started off as a church singer. Her love for blues and Soulmate took form when she met composer and guitarist Rudy Wallang. Since Soulmate’s start in 2003, they’ve come a long way playing at some prestigious platforms and performing alongside Guitar God Carlos Santana. Tipriti in 2009 won the Best Female Vocalist at the Jack Daniel Rock Awards, and is today with her band, a strong representation of Shillong’s unparalleled music culture.

Watch here live in action at Venue 515, Manitou Springs Colorado -


Vasundhara Vidalur

Vasundhara Live

The duo Adil and Vasundhara are one of the most prominent acts to have redefined jazz music in India. Vasundhara with her robust vocals and a unique ability to combine French and English has been quite a crowd puller in the jazz scene. Having toured some of the biggest Jazz and French festivals in the world, she spends a large amount of her time just travelling and collaborating with artists across the world. Soulful, soothing and rhythmic, Vasundhara’s love for soul and gospel music comes through in all her music. She’s one fabulous performer you should make the effort to watch live! Her ease and confidence on-stage is a clear indication that the stage is where she truly belongs.

Here’s her cover of Basin Street Blues -


Tanvi Rao

Tanvi Rao at Counter Culture

As part of an electronic trip-hop duo, Tanvi Rao of Sulk Station is making waves in the indie scene with her sensual and rather alluring voice. Tanvi in her music creates a perfect blend of Indian classical music with contemporary electronic. Her simplicity and control on-stage makes their music almost hypnotic. When free from gigging and recording, Tanvi teaches music at an International school in Bangalore. Tanvi was also nominated in the Best Female Vocalist category for the Jack Daniel’s Annual Rock Awards in the year 2013. Sulk Station’s music has been appreciated as one of the most unique acts to have emerged out of the country’s Indie scene. The name Sulk Station by the way, was inspired by Tanvi’s habit of regularly sulking!

Watch this rather soulful track, Bindya by the Sulk Station -


 Samara Chopra

Samara Chopra with Ska Vengers

A graduate of the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts from New York City, Samara Chopra is the front woman of the band Ska Vengers. She adds a whole new twist to this ska and dub band with her jazz vocals. She’s a sexy, electrifying performer on-stage who can keep her audience captivated and engaged through every minute. Besides music, she also works as a yoga instructor and has appeared on and hosted a lot of lifestyle and fitness shows. Samara, alongside Ska Vengers is a complete entertainment package with Delhi Sultanate’s brilliant rap skills. It’s a delight to watch how wonderfully all their interesting little elements come together.

Watch her get rough and mean with the Ska Vengers -

  Sanaya Ardershir

Sandunes Live

Known also as Sandunes,Sanaya Ardeshir’s music making has evolved from alternative, pop rock music to mid-tempo electronica. She is a full time producer, composer and synth player who prefers to call her music out of the box genre. She is heavily influenced by music in the UK and loves experimenting with different sounds. She has collaborated with various Indie artists like the Indus Creed, Siddharth Basrur,Dualist Enquiry, Nicholson and many more. She’s played at some of the most prestigious music festivals in India including NH7 weekender and the Enchanted Valley Carnival. She has a two-track EP to her credit and her live shows will get you moving and grooving on the dance floor.

Discover more about Sandunes here.

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