January 12, 2015

Have you listened to Parvaaz yet? If not, we suggest you do so now! Because if you’re looking for something new, fresh, original and mind-blowingly addictive, then Parvaaz maybe your best catch.

The band Parvaaz

In a scene where electronic acts seem to be gaining more prominence, Parvaaz’s music seems to be fearlessly challenging this changing soundscape. Psychedelic blues, soft rock with a tinge of Sufi, and a strong influence of Led Zeppelin, Parvaaz’s music maybe hard to categorize into just one genre. But with skilfully crafted lyrics in Hindi, Kashmiri, Urdu and melody lines that are almost haunting, their music is something you would want to go back to.

The Joureny

Parvaaz began in 2010, when Khalid Ahmed (Vocals) and Kashif Iqbal (Guitar), two childhood friends from Kashmir, reunited in Bangalore and brought out their guitars for a random jam session. As these jams became more and more frequent, they decided to explore the potential of where this could lead them. After putting together a few songs, they were joined by Sachin Banandur (Drums and percussion) and Fidel D’Souza (Bass) to become a solid four piece act.

Their first big show may have been the Fireflies Festival of Music, where the audience’s response to the band set the ball rolling for more gigs to come. They released their first five track EP 'Behosh' in 2012 with the song ‘Dil Khush’ as their debut single. The EP did so well that it became the top selling album on ‘OKListen!’ and was also nominated for TOTO Awards (2012) and  Gima Awards (2013) for the category of ‘Best Rock Album’. They have since toured major cities across India and performed at every prestigious music festival. Their latest album Baran, released in August 2014 and also features artists like Sanjeev Naik of Swaratma on ‘Ab Ki Yeh Subah’ and Seth Malloy’s saxophone skills on ‘Fitnah’ and ‘Ziyankar’.

Now that you know enough about them, go give them a listen and tell us what you think. Next time they’re in your city, make sure you catch them live. Stay up-to-date and get all the information you need here:

Website - http://www.parvaazmusic.com/

Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/parvaazmusic

Twitter - https://twitter.com/parvaazmusic


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